Viral experiment: Negros Occidental vlogger tries cooking food using sun’s heat

April 15, 2024 - 5:05 PM
Miss Popcorn
Vlogger "Miss Popcorn" in this screengrab from a video posted on her Facebook page on April 7, 2024 (onizparrenomendoza/Facebook)

A content creator in Negros Occidental took advantage of the extremely hot weather by attempting to cook food outdoors.

Vlogger Rene, popular known as “Miss Popcorn” online, shared that she decided to fry their fish, hotdog and chorizo under the sun without using a gas stove.

She initially left their pan outside for 20 minutes and then poured cooking oil into it once it was hot to the touch.

In the end, she was able to fry their food successfully.

The vlogger also tasted some of her cooking, exclaiming their food got legitimately cooked under the sun.

“Naramdaman ko talaga ‘yung init, pumapasok sa loob ng bahay, ang init niya talaga,” Miss Popcorn told GMA Integrated News.

The vlogger also mentioned in the video that they were experiencing 45 degrees Celsius, although she did not say if that was the heat index level or the air temperature.

The heat index is the measure of the temperature that a person feels is affecting their body.

It is different from air temperature, which measures how hot or cold the air is. It is also the most common weather parameter.

Meanwhile, apart from getting curious if the sun’s heat would be enough to cook their food, Miss Popcorn also said it was a way to save gas since it is “expensive” nowadays.

The vlogger stressed that what they did was just an experiment, adding that she was not telling anyone to also cook outdoors.

“Sinubukan namin magluto sa ilalim ng araw,” Miss Popcorn said on her video posted on April 7.

Her post has amassed 15 million views, 25,100 comments and 316,000 likes and reactions so far.

PAGASA weather specialist John Manalo said that it is possible to cook under the sun under certain circumstances.

“Kung talagang efficient ‘yung structure ng ganyang material. Talagang na-corner niya ‘yung heat niya para makaluto, pwede po,” he said in an interview.

However, experts warned that there is no need for experiments to know the current heat being experienced is dangerous to humans since it can cause heat stroke. People are advised to remain indoors instead.

On Monday, the state weather bureau warned that 13 areas in the country are expected to reach “dangerous” heat index level.

PAGASA said it forecasts a heat index of 45 degrees Celsius in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

It said that a “danger” heat index ranges between 42 and 51 degrees Celsius, while “extreme danger” heat index ranges between 52 degrees Celsius and up.

The weather bureau added that “danger” and “extreme danger” heat indices are expected until May.

A “danger” level heat index could cause heat cramps and exhaustion, and heat stroke is probable with continued exposure.

Under an “extreme danger” heat index, heat stroke is imminent, it said.

Last month, PAGASA declared the start of the warm and dry season. The heat is exacerbated by the ongoing El Niño, a climate pattern associated with extreme heat and drought.

The health department advised the public to remain hydrated, refrain from going outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and to wear light fabrics and light-colored clothes.