How LGBTQ+ members, advocates can express themselves this Pride Month

June 21, 2024 - 9:23 PM
Levi's and Linya-Linya_Pride Collection
Composite photos featuring the Pride Collection of Levi's and Linya-Linya (Levi's Philippines/Released; Linya-Linya/Released)

Self-expression is best demonstrated through fashion statements.

Supporters and individuals who are part of the vibrant LGBTQ+ community can raise their rainbow flag with pride with the special clothing line of two brands.

Content creator and retail brand Linya-Linya launched a Pride collection that includes four commemorative shirt designs celebrating the rights of people identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ circle.

These are the following shirt designs:

  • “Sundin ang Tibok ng Puso, Sundan ang Sariling Bahaghari” (Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Own Rainbow)
  • “Love Loudly”
  • “Magpatuloy” (Continue)
  • “Bahagi Ka Ng Bahaghari” (You’re Part of One Rainbow)
The Pride clothing collection of Linya-Linya for 2024 (Linya-Linya/Released)

The “Sundin ang Tibok ng Puso, Sundan ang Sariling Bahaghari” shirt pays tribute to the legacy of late activist-writer Lualhati Bautista by inspiring people to stand their ground and fight for their love.

The phrase is from the viral Facebook post of Bautista in 2020 which features a message of hope.

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Meanwhile, the “Love Loudly” shirt inspires people to let their love be heard, while the “Magpatuloy” shirt symbolizes the hope of a rainbow appearing after stormy weathers and trials.

On the other hand, the limited edition “Bahagi Ka Ng Bahaghari” shirt features a colorful exploded rainbow design that symbolizes unity and inclusivity.

Proceeds from this particular shirt will be donated to PANTAY, a youth-led organization advocating for LGBTQ rights legislation in Congress to ensure the passing of the SOGIE Bill.

Thysz Estrada, chairperson of PANTAY, explained that she and Linya-Linya have a longstanding partnership in terms of the brand’s Pride collections.

“I’ve become one of their partners in ensuring the output for the Pride collections are inclusive and truly celebratory of LGBTQIA+ in the Philippines,” she said.

“It doesn’t end in a simple shirt, of course. Proceeds from its sale have been donated to directly support Filipino LGBTQIA+ organizations working towards an inclusive and equitable Philippines. This year, I am very proud to represent our organization PANTAY as it becomes the beneficiary of the Pride Collection,” Estrada added.

When asked about the importance of collaborations when it comes to pushing for LGBTQIA+ rights and advocacies, Estrada added, “It helps mainstream the cause of equality, queer identities in the public eye, reducing stigma and fostering a culture of acceptance in our country.”

“It normalizes inclusion and when brands incorporate LGBTQIA+ themes and representation into their products and advertising, it helps increase their visibility and legitimacy, making it harder for anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric to go unchallenged,” she said.

The Linya-Linya Pride 2024 collection and “Bahagi Ka Ng Bahaghari” are available at

The shirts can be paired with Levi’s own Pride collection which includes bottoms, tops and accessories inspired by the LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture, the “Rainbow Rodeos,” which originated in Nevada, USA in the ’70s.

The collection draws influences from vintage Levi’s pieces and archival posters, as well as some glitz like rhinestones, copper thread, marbled hardware, gold-coated denim and more.

These include the Cinched Shortstack Tee, Cropped Muscle Tank, the Liberation Western Trucker, Patchwork Vest and Western-inspired embroidery and rainbow coloring that gives the collection a cohesive and euphoric rodeo look.

As an extension of its support for the LGBTQIA+ community, the Levi’s brand is also donating $100,000 to Outright International, a global organization working to advance human rights for LGBTQIA+ people worldwide.

The retail brand will also participate in the Pride PH Festival 2024: Love Laban 2 on June 22 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

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The Levi’s booth will feature various activities, including pride shirt customization, a bull-riding challenge and a meet-and-greet with drag queen Marina Summers.

Its Pride 2024 collection is available on its website and in select Levi’s boutique stores nationwide.