Q&A, mukbang, morning routines: Fans drop suggestions for Rabiya Mateo’s future vlog contents

July 8, 2021 - 6:15 PM

Fans and supporters of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo gamely shared content suggestions and ideas for her vlog after she launched her first video as a celebrity content creator.

The 24-year-old Ilongga beauty on Wednesday announced that she has entered vlogging and shared a link of her first content which featured her last day in Los Angeles and going back to the Philippines.

Rabiya flew to the United States last April to represent the country in the 69th edition of Miss Universe where she entered among the Top 21 finalists. It was won by Andrea Meza of Mexico.

Fellow beauty queen, MJ Lastimosa, who represented the Philippines in Miss Universe 2014, was among those who accompanied her in the competition for moral support.

Both visited tourist spots in the US and met with Filipino communities after the pageant.

Rabiya came back to Manila last week and is quarantined in a hotel for ten days.

“My first vlog is now out! Did all the editing from the thumbnail, trailer, up to the actual video. I guess this quarantine period allowed me to be more creative and artsy,” she wrote on an Instagram post.

“Please share your thoughts about the video and suggest any challenge that you want me to try next time,” Rabiya added.


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Rabiya’s vlog has earned more than 41,800 views and more than 600 comments since it was uploaded on the video-sharing platform last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fans responded to the beauty queen’s content suggestion request by sharing their ideas on her vlog’s comment section.

“Vlog Suggestions: 50 facts about Rabiya, your Miss Universe journey, collaboration with Amanda, Q and A with the fans and a day with Rabiya (Quarantine Edition),” a YouTube user wrote in the comments.

“Please do morning routines and a day in the life (of Rabiya)!” another online user suggested.

“Vlog suggestion: A day with mom,” a different user wrote.

“Vlog suggestion: A day in my quarantine in hotel,” another YouTuber wrote.

“Answering all Miss Universe 2020 questions with mukbang please, queen,” a different user commented.

Last May, Rabiya said that she wants to try acting after her Miss Universe stint.