‘I’ll be screaming’: Rabiya Mateo cheers for Alexie Brooks ahead of MUPH 2024 finals

May 22, 2024 - 7:03 PM
Rabiya Mateo_Alexie Brooks
Rabiya Mateo in this photo posted on Instagram by user @markycreation on May 21, 2024; Alexie Brooks in this photo posted on her Instagram on March 8, 2024 (markycreation/Instagram; alexie_brooks.official/Instagram)

“I’ll be screaming [at the] top of my lungs as I cheer for you.”

Miss Universe 2020 Top 21 semifinalist Rabiya Mateo shared a message to her fellow Ilongga, Alexie Brooks of Iloilo, as the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition is set to conclude on Wednesday evening.

The winner of the national beauty pageant will succeed Michelle Dee in representing the country at the next edition of Miss Universe.

“I just wanna commend this beautiful Ilongga for all her hard work and sacrifice, together with her amazing team behind her. I’m sure the universe is ready to hear your story, Alexie! Bato lang! Abanse Babaye!” Rabiya said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“I can’t wait to see you later on the MUPH stage. I’ll be screaming [at the] top of my lungs as I cheer for you. I know you’re gonna do very well. Praying for another Ilongga to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe,” she added with a crown emoji.

Rabiya signed her message with “hugs and kisses” from “Manang Ibyang.”

Her post has amassed 13,000 pure love reactions, 2,900 shares and almost 300 comments so far.

Rabiya represented Iloilo City when she joined Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

Meanwhile, Alexie is representing Iloilo in Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

She has become a crowd favorite on social media with her striking looks and strong pageant performances.

Pageant website Missosology listed her as one of its top five hot picks.

Alexie is also a Philippine track and field athlete. In 2022, she was named the most valuable player by the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, representing National University.

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