See how Scarlet Snow Belo tested Robi Domingo’s limit

April 18, 2018 - 9:02 PM
Scarlet Snow Belo is dressed up as Lara Croft and tries to climb a wall. (file photo)

It was supposedly just child’s play but television host Robi Domingo seemed to reach the limit of his strength while playing with social media sensation Scarlet Snow Belo.

In an Instagram video, Scarlet Snow, daughter of celebrity dermatologist Vicky Belo and cosmetic doctor Hayden Kho, is practicing counting in Filipino while she runs toward Robi.

Robi then catches the three-year-old Scarlet Snow and lifts her at each count, grunting as he does it. But the little girl isn’t done after counting to 10.

She tries to repeat the move but Robi, wearing an exhausted look but refuses to protest, tried lifting her one more time. He then lets himself fall onto the sofa next to him.

Scarlet’s many skills

Scarlet Snow’s videos on her official accounts as well as those posted by her mom and dad on their pages get thousands of likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Her videos show her singing, playing, performing and speaking in Cantonese, Filipino, English and even in Na’vi, the tongue of the characters in the 2009 film “Avatar.”

The witty toddler who can recite prayers also easily solves puzzles and quizzes.

Robi’s fitness turnaround

Robi is known to lead an “active, well-rounded life,” according to an ABS-CBN report. The 28-year-old health science major from Ateneo de Manila University hosts lifestyle shows that allows him to go on regular adventures.

“Thanks to his job, he’s able to do a lot of thrilling workout activities like water sports and biking, to name a few,” the report says.

But he has not always been this way. In 2014 at the press conference of fitness reality show “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” Robi admitted that he was once overweight.

“Ayaw na ayaw ko na pupunta sa chapel, hindi dahil sa ayaw ko magsimba but ayaw na ayaw ko po ‘yong lumuluhod kasi sobrang sakit,” Robi shared. “For some of us, nakakatawa e kasi hindi natin na-experience.”

Tara, lakwatsa! ??

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What led to the turnaround? His high school crushes.

Studying in an all-boys’ school, Robi started attending soirees with students from exclusive girls’ schools. But he was not among those guys the girls liked to approach.

“So ang ginawa ko, oatmeal everyday sa umaga, tapos basketball sa hapon,” he said.

When he already lost some weight, he realized that exercise was already part of his life and began to enjoy it.

Robi got into basketball, Muay Thai and running.