Director Lauren Dyogi hopes to become a ‘Big Brother’ for aspiring actors

June 12, 2018 - 5:22 PM

Famous “Pinoy Big Brother” director Laurenti “Lauren” Dyogi released his first-ever vlog in an attempt to become a “big brother” to the people who would like to be in show business.

The video was generally met with positive reactions from the director’s supporters, with some of them going back since his “Calvento Files: The Movie” days.

As of this writing, Dyogi’s video has reached over 126,000 views. His first video, teasingly titled “Am I Big Brother?” sparks the never-ending rumors claiming that he is the one behind “Kuya’s” voice.

Is he or is he not Big Brother? 

Dyogi has been the reality show’s director since 2005, helming some of its highest-rated seasons like the “PBB: Celebrity Edition” and the “PBB: Teen Edition.”

Currently, he is ABS-CBN’s TV production business unit head.

There have been rumors claiming he is the voice of “Kuya,” the omniscient presence in “Pinoy Big Brother.” This stems from the fact that he acts as the head director of the reality show.

Dyogi also shares the same deep voice as “Kuya’s” but in an interview with Boy Abunda in “Bandila” on 2011, he dispelled the rumors when he invited “Kuya” himself.

In the interview, “Kuya” described his own physical appearance, claiming that he has fair complexion, is taller than an average Filipino and has a medium build.

He added that he is already “forty plus” in terms of age, is married and currently living in Quezon City.

Actor Daniel Padilla also accidentally called “Kuya” as “Mr. M” in one of the reality show’s episodes in 2014.

Despite the interview and Daniel’s slip up before, Dyogi is still teasing his supporters on the issue, based on his first vlog entry.

The director said, “I’ve been doing ‘Big Brother’ since 2005, so ‘yun, some people call me ‘Kuya,’ some people think I’m ‘Big Brother’ so…”

In that part of the video, he shrugged with amusement and instead went on to talk about his actual purpose of creating the vlog in the first place.

“Now, I will try to be ‘Big Brother’ to our parents who are helping to develop the potential of their children and be ‘Kuya’ to a lot of youngsters (and) teenagers who would like to be in show business.”

“This vlog will hopefully take us on that journey of discovering the next big star! And this is its vlog, ‘Star hunting with Direk Lauren.'”

He then went on to describe what “star hunt” is, saying that it’s ABS-CBN’s audition caravan where they would scout for talents and decide what kind of shows the aspiring actors and actresses will fit into.

“‘Pag nag-audition ka, kami na ang maglalagay kung ‘san ka bagay, kung bagay ka sa ‘PBB,’ kung bagay ka sa ‘The Voice,’ kung bagay ka sa ‘Showtime.'”

The director added that he has hopes the talents they would be picking would become internationally renowned as well.

Accompanying his vlog is a YouTube playlist titled “Starhunt,” compiling two videos of some of the auditions’ highlights, as well as auditioning tips with Bianca Gonzalez-Intal.