Jose Mari Chan’s one-man effort to usher in Christmas in September

September 6, 2018 - 11:35 AM
Jose Mari Chan is a musical personality who is being increasingly identified with Christmas in the Philippines. (Jose Mari Chan photo via Facebook)

Christmas hits of multi-awarded musician Jose Mari Chan has become a staple on the playlist of radios and piped-in music in malls and stores as soon as September starts.

And Filipinos do notice! They share witty memes about him on social media and recount the many ways that veteran crooner and composer have inspired the mood around the Philippines’ famous four-month Christmas countdown.

When he gives free advice, autographed albums

Budding indie singer Martti Franca related on Facebook that when he and his mother were at an airport, he spotted Chan from afar. He tried to find his bearings first, and then both he and his mother went over to the award-winning artist for a brief photo op.

Saktong -ber month na!!Kwento ko lang. One day I was in the airport, and I saw Jose Mari Chan from a distance. I…

Posted by Martti Franca on Friday, August 31, 2018

“I was so nervous because his songs were the sound of my childhood, adolescence and now, adulthood,” Franca said.

But the interaction did not end there. Chan asked him about his work, then provided Franca tips on how to succeed.

“He asked about what I do for a living, gave life tips about being an entrepreneur and a musician, talked about family and who he might know from mine,” Franca said.

Before they went on separate ways, Chan asked for Franca’s address so that he could send over some of his CDs.

Chan made true his word, to Franca’s surprise, and received three of Chan’s autographed albums days after their encounter.

Franca is a 23-year-old newbie musician who had just released his first single “Alone” on Spotify. Aside from music, he also dabbles in small business ventures and currently the CEO of his own start-up company.

When he gives a free show

A video recording showing Chan in a surprise performance at a food court in a mall also circulated on social media on the same day.

Ahaha Ber Month na! nadito na si idol ng bayan! nyahaha! #josemarichan #bermonths #rapsa

Posted by Choco Martin on Friday, August 31, 2018

It was shared by Facebook user Choco Martin and immediately gained traction after. However, in a report that featured the clip, Martin clarified that it was a video from 2015 and was captured in the food court of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong city.

In the clip, Chan was walking around the food court and singing “Christmas in our Hearts” with the diners. He also entertained taking selfies and shook some hands.

When he inspires Christmas memes

A Facebook user took the time to use his mathematical skills to solve why Chan’s Christmas songs are always played on September 1.

Alam nyo na kung bakit bois and gels.immortalized ?*sorry typo sa 13 and 14 para maging 116.

Posted by Takenoshin Yamamoto on Friday, August 31, 2018

Another meme has a theory about his very name that makes him “Christmas himself.”

This is why “Jose Mari Chan” is Christmas, according to a meme circulating on Facebook.

Chan’s hit single is part of his best-selling album of the same name, which attained a rare “triple platinum” status by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry.

His other popular tracks include “A Perfect Christmas” and “Mary’s Boy Child.”