The case of Moira Dela Torre’s appearance at the ‘Marcos Fest’ event

September 17, 2018 - 4:52 PM
Singer Moira dela Torre denied that she was a "Marcos apologist" after Filipinos heavily bashed her for performing at the "Marcos Fest" to commemorate former President Ferdinand Marcos' birthday. (Instagram/ moirarachelle)

The Ilocos Norte’s Provincial Tourism Office has replied to singer Moira Dela Torre’s disclaimer about her performance at the “Marcos Fest” music concert last week by saying that she knew all the details before performing.

Over the weekend, the singer was lambasted by young Filipinos for attending an event that celebrated the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ birthday on September 11.

Filipinos on social media accused Dela Torre of being a “Marcos apologist” and a supporter of the late strongman. Someone even took a screenshot of her positively tweeting about President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, although it was completely unrelated.

Dela Torre was quick to reply to her critics, saying that she was “never” a Marcos apologist. She also insisted that the “Marcos Fest” was supposed to be called a “I-Millennial Fest.”

When someone asked if she knew it was going to be a “music fest run by the Marcoses,” the singer shared a screenshot of a message that was forwarded to her prior to the event. According to her, it was never referred to as a “Marcos Fest.”

Some social media users took a screenshot of Dela Torre supposedly reacting to the event’s poster on Facebook with the account name Moira Rachelle Dela Torre “days before the actual event.”

As of this writing, however, the ‘love’ react of Dela Torre was nowhere to be seen.

Ilocos Norte Tourism Office speaks up

According to Ilocos Norte’s Provincial Tourism Office Head Aian Raquel, the singer “knew that the event was called ‘Marcos Fest.”

“Don’t make it seem like we lied to get you to perform. Ask your agent and your manager about it and please, don’t blame the ‘producers’,” Raquel said.

“We all had fun, Moira. But now that you are complaining about performing at an event where you’re [sic] requirements and demands were given, including your fee, bakit parang nambabastos ka?” he added.

In an interview with a news outlet, Raquel disclosed that Dela Torre knew everything about the event.

“The organizers informed the talent agent and her management of the name, theme, sequence of the concert. She was not forced in any way to perform in the concert and as seen in videos and photos, everything went very well during the event,” Raquel said.

“We feel that it’s unprofessional for them to be making such unnecessary comments after the event. She wasn’t forced to do anything,” he added.

Tourism professional and environmental planner Xavier Rafales Ruiz similarly accused the singer of denying any knowledge about performing for the Marcoses.

“Pwede ba, Moira Dela Torre. You knew you were performing for the Marcos 101 event. Kung ‘di ka Marcos ‘apologetic,’ you could’ve declined the event,” Ruiz said.

“And your team acted as if you were part of the Royal Family while you were in Ilocos! So many demands na pinagbigyan ka naman. Sorry, ‘wag kami. Kakatama lang ng bagyo dito,” he added.

Ilocanos have also launched an online petition for Dela Torre to be declared “persona non grata” in Ilocos for accusing them of reportedly “tricking” her about the Marcos-led event.

‘Nonpolitical’ appearance 

Dela Torre’s management Cornerstone Entertainment said in a statement that her appearance was “nonpolitical.”

“Considering that the name of the fiesta event in Ilocos Norte held last September 11, 2018, was changed from ‘Ilocano Millenial Night’ to ‘Marcos Fest,’ Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. wishes to clarify that Moira’s performance in said fiesta was nonpolitical in nature as she neither endorses nor is she affiliated in any way with the Marcoses,” Cornerstone said.

“The performance was solely made for the warm people of Ilocos Norte in relation to the celebration of their fiesta,” it added.