‘Mga Marites’: Zack Tabudlo addresses rumors about him, Moira Dela Torre

June 1, 2023 - 2:54 PM
Photos of 21-year-old artist Zack Tabudlo (zack.tabudlo/Instagram)

Singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo bared his story on recovery and friendship with fellow musician Moira Dela Torre in addressing rumors about their relationship on his Facebook account on May 31.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Zack broke his silence and laid out that he was there to support Moira when she was experiencing tough times.

“I was there for a friend who needed my help and I wanted to give that protection and support that she gave me when I needed it,” the young singer said.

Zack recalled that Moira was the one who reached out to their group for dinner after they found out about the split.

“We were all in shock of what happened. We were all then leaning into protecting her and giving all of the love she needed,” he said.

Zack then shared that they would take her out, watch movies, and other activities to keep her company and comfort her during the months after the breakup.

He noted that this period was also “months of breaking down, traumas, trust issues, and Moira was just not well.”

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“And more unfortunate things came with it because of these actions and support towards her, we were accused of so many things, especially me,” Zack said.

The pressure and accusations thrown at him and Moira eventually took a toll.

Zack admitted that he attempted to end his life.

He accompanied his post with a photo of him in the emergency room.

When he got out of the hospital, Zack expressed how happy he was that his family and friends, including Moira, were there for him.

“My family and friends went straight to a tattoo shop, got semi colon tattoos with me including Moi, and she told us to get bird tattoos as well for me to fly high and never look down forever,” he said.

The pictures of Zack, Moira 

Rumors about Zack and Moira swirled after old photos of them together circulated on social media.

They were brought up following Lolito Go’s accusation that Moira was the one who found a supposed replacement for her now-estranged husband.

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Moira uploaded these photos on her Instagram account in March 2022. It has since garnered new comments following Go’s post.


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A post shared by Moira (@moiradelatorre)

Story behind the viral photos 

In the same post, Zack explained the backstory behind these pictures.

He recalled that he first met Moira, Jason and her team for their collaboration for “Iba” in January 2022.

The ballad was released in February of that year.

In March last year, Zack met Moira and her team again for rehearsals of his first tour in the United States.

Zack noted that Jason was in Abu Dhabi at that time making his music.

The photos being talked about, therefore, were taken during Moira’s guesting in Zack’s US tour.

“Moira was a guest on my tour and did a few shows with me which explains the rehearsals and photos speculating online. We did guestings and promos on social media, which are posts of lyrics from our song. We also took photos together, and basically letting everyone know we had a song together,” he said.

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In line with this, the 21-year-old musician sent a message to Filipinos who spread rumors about them.

“Mga Marites na hatdog kayo,” Zack said.

Story of their friendship 

Zack eventually became friends with Moira and later, became part of her circle of friends since the tour.

The young musician bared that he was not in his most stable state mentally at that time. The moments he spent with his new friends, including the “Paubaya” singer, however, helped him recover. Zack described them as “family.”

He took the time to express his deep gratitude to Moira, his family, his friends and his fans.

“I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move past this phase of mine despite of all the things she went through,” Zack said.

“To my family, my closest friends, and the fans. Thank you all so much for the never-ending love and support. I am in a better mental state now and I am so excited to give everyone more music that I have ready. I love you guys always and forever,” he added.

Moreover, Zack also has a message to those who are also undergoing tough times and on the verge of giving up like him.

“To those who are also in the verge of giving up, this is not the end for you. God has so much in store for you and your story will not end there. like my parents always say, problems will always pass and there’s always a solution for everything,” he said.

For those who may need mental support and assistance, they can reach the National Center for Mental Health through the following hotlines:

0917-899-8727 and 0966-351-4518 (Globe and TM subscribers), 0908-639-2672 (Smart and TNT subscribers) and 1553 or 1800-1888-1553 (toll-free landline). 

Individuals may also contact Hopeline, Natasha Goulbourn Foundation’s crisis support service, through the following numbers: 

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