Comeback? Moira Dela Torre responds to speculations about ex-husband’s IG photo

May 15, 2023 - 5:52 PM
Moira Dela Torre
Singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in this photo posted on her Instagram account on April 21, 2023 (moiradelatorre/Instagram)

Multi-platinum recording artist Moira Dela Torre appeared to answer endless speculations about her ex-husband’s widely talked-about Instagram Story where he was spotted with a woman whose face was partly hidden from view.

After almost a year since singer Jason Marvin Hernandez publicly admitted of being “unfaithful” to Moira, he surprised social media users on May 11 when he shared a picture of him wrapped around the arms of a smiling woman.

The woman was looking away at the camera while Jason was staring at it with what appeared to be a tight-lipped smile.

He has yet to identify the mystery lady in the photo, leading to various speculations about her identity. Among them was the burning question of whether he and Moira had gotten back together after a failed marriage.

Moira seemed to put an end to the speculations when she posted pictures of herself on Instagram with the following caption:

“‘Ako’y tahimik lang sa umpisa…’ eme. ‘Di ako ‘yon,” the OPM hitmaker wrote on Saturday, May 13, quoting some song lyrics of vlogger Toni Fowler.


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Moira’s Instagram post has amassed over 348,000 likes and various comments, including reactions from some personalities.

“Kahit ‘di ka pilitin indeed, eme,” Macoy Dubs commented.

“SHUTACCAAAAA,” Mimiyuuuh wrote.

“Hahaha, natawa ako sa Ano ang Eme? Achi, you’re hilarious,” fellow singer Jaya said.

eme” is also Moira’s new single which is part of her upcoming album as its sixth track.

One of her fans also posted a video where she appeared to address the issue.

It was taken when the “Paubaya” singer performed at the Blue Bay Walk in Metro Park, Pasay on May 12, Friday.

Members of the audience had allegedly asked if she was the woman in Jason’s viral Instagram Story.

“Isa lang sasabihin ko dun… eme,” Moira responded.

“Eme” is an expression among younger Filipinos which has its roots in gay lingo. It has variations such as “ems,” “emz,” or “Emelyn.” Some said it was the short form of “kyeme.”

“Eme” is usually used to replace a term or word in a conversation that the speaker may not recall or does not necessarily know.

Meanwhile, Moira in the uploaded video looked at her finger and reportedly said that her ring was silver and not gold, as seen on the mystery woman’s finger.


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Moira and Jason confirmed their separation in May 2022 after three years of marriage.

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Jason had admitted that he was “unfaithful,” adding that he takes “full responsibility” for what happened and that he was doing his “best to be better.”

The ex-couple married each other in a garden wedding in January 2019.