‘Happy Malaya Day’: What Moira Dela Torre sang on Philippine Independence Day

June 13, 2022 - 11:57 AM
Moira Dela Torre
Moira Dela Torre in this photo from her Instagram posted on May 20, 2022. (Instagram/moiradelatorre)

Singer Moira Dela Torre greeted the public on Independence Day by singing an excerpt of her song “Malaya” with the text “10 minutes version.”

On June 12, the singer-songwriter released a one-minute and six-second clip that featured her crooning the song with some lyrics that were never heard before.

“Happy malaya day,” Moira captioned her post with leaves emoji.

The country on that date celebrated its 124th independence day from the centuries-old Spanish colonial rule. The holiday commemorates the first time that the Philippine flag was displayed and the national anthem sung.

Meanwhile, the singer’s post has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Her video on Facebook earned 1.2 million views while her clip on Twitter has reached 36,000 likes.

Moira sings the following:

Baka sakaling makita ko pang muli
Ang pagsikat ng araw
At ang paglipas ng gabi
Kung ‘di pipilitin
Ang di pala para sa akin
Baka sakaling mahanap ang sarili

Malaya ka na
Malaya ka

The singer released “Malaya” in 2017 which became one of the soundtracks for the comedy-drama movie “Camp Sawi.”

The following is the lyrics of the 2017 version:

Baka sakaling makita kitang muli
Pagsikat ng araw, paglipas ng gabi
Kung ‘di pipilitin ang ‘di pa para sa’kin
Baka sakaling maibalik

Malaya ka na

In her recently released clip, Moira said that the “Malaya” she sang was a “10-minute version.”

This phrase is familiar to Taylor Swift’s fans as the American singer released an extended version of her 2012 hit song “All Too Well” when she re-recorded her album “Red.”

Apart from re-recording the song itself, she also released a version that was ten minutes long and “served as a catharsis for all that Swift wanted to get out about her ex,” according to Vox.

Meanwhile, back when Moira first released “Malaya,” she said that it was her “freedom song” and that it was a “season ender.”

“I had spent years trying to piece things together myself and ended up more depressed than happy. ‘Malaya’ was my freedom song—freedom from everything I can’t control and everyone I can’t have,” she said in an old Preen interview.

Moira also shared more details about the song in a 2018 Facebook post.

“I wrote ‘Malaya’ exactly 3 years ago on Dec 28, 2015 because I couldn’t seem to find hope for the years to come. I realized then that to start afresh, I had so much baggages I needed to let go first — unforgiveness, doubt (and) giving my past the power to steal my faith,” she wrote before.

“It was about time I set myself free and so… Malaya was written. 3 years later, I’m still far from perfect but nonetheless FREE. I know where my heart is and it is in a very good place with God,” Moira added.

The singer recently made headlines after her split with her husband of three years, fellow singer-songwriter Jason Hernandez.

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