Is Clint Bondad promoting new biz in cryptic posts?

July 17, 2020 - 1:10 PM
Clint Bondad in Ukraine
Clint Bondad enjoys Ukraine in this photo uploaded on his Facebook page on Feb. 19, 2020. (Photo from Clint Bondad via Facebook)

Model and actor Clint Bondad fueled speculations that he could be “promoting” his products in his series of mysterious Instagram Stories that landed him on local Twitter’s top trending list since Wednesday night.

The 26-year-old model shared certain posts on the image and video-sharing platform that appeared to hint it could be a marketing ploy, even though most of his Stories continued to be cryptic with some supposedly associated to his former girlfriend Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and her current boyfriend, actor Sam Milby.

Bondad on Friday morning shared a picture of him wearing headphones with a text that reads: “#DarkYogi Products Out Soon.”

It was followed by a post that reads “Marketing” and then a large inverted question mark.

This prompted some Filipinos to speculate that his posts could be a part of a “social media marketing strategy.”

A Twitter user speculated that “Nirmanakaya,” one of the words that he shared, could be Bondad’s “brand name.”

After the post featuring an inverted question mark, Bondad shared a post of an Instagram user who attempted to find out what the word meant.

“He posted this on his story twice,” the online user noticed.

One of Clint Bondad’s Instagram Stories uploaded on Friday. (Screengrab by Interaksyon)

Bondad on Thursday included some posts that appeared to support the idea of business.

He shared a picture of a headphone on the sheets with the words, “Time to make some money again.” It was accompanied by an eyeroll emoji.

One of Clint Bondad’s Instagram Stories uploaded on Thursday. (Screengrab by Interaksyon)

The model also shared a picture of a bottle containing non-GMO vitamin B12 tablets. He covered the portion showing its product name and wrote in its place, “My brand.”

One of Clint Bondad’s Instagram Stories uploaded on Thursday. (Screengrab by Interaksyon)

On Friday morning, he shared a screengrab of an article reporting about his Instagram Stories with the headline, “Clint Bondad’s IG Story posts cause stir on Twitter.”

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“Lesson 1 You drink Peppermint warM,” Bondad wrote.

One of Clint Bondad’s Instagram Stories uploaded on Friday. (Screengrab by Interaksyon)

He also hinted that he could have a “team” behind the posts when an Instagram user responded to one of his Stories which had the text, “IQ level? What’s that”

“Pag usapang IQ Lvl (level) bagsak na si Sam,” the online user told him, referencing Gray’s current boyfriend.

Bondad shared a screengrab of the direct message and added, “This is how my Team works.”

But it was succeeded with the words, “We don’t.”

On Wednesday night, Bondad flooded his Instagram Stories with cryptic images and texts that left Filipinos baffled and concerned.

This also contained a countdown.

An individual even shared that she took the time to privately message the model and encouraged him to seek help since his followers were worried about his welfare.

However, the online user ended up blocking Bondad because she was creeped out with how their conversation turned out.

His first post after a social media hiatus beginning March was a picture of him amid quarantine period.

It was posted on July 10 with a lengthy caption where Bondad mentioned that he would “come out with the easiest fitness plan that the fitness industry has ever seen.”

“I’lll teach you gals and guys the step by step process of how to simplify this whole paradox of fitness,” he said.

“For you, I will gladly stir up YouTube Fitness! HA HA Let me be your tank! P. S. Whole Supplement line to follow shortly after. Be patient. Happy working out! Fitness is a privilege! #DarkYogi #brand #DYNutritionPlan #soon,” Bondad added.

Bondad, apart from being a model, is also a “businessman and is involved in the industry,” Esquire Philippines reports.

Last year, he revealed that he “chose” his business over his career in ABS-CBN’s “ASAP,” where he used to be part of the all-boys group “ASAP Coverboys.”

Bondad shared that he was also busy with two business startups apart from his showbiz career at that time.

“I simply chose my business over ASAP. That’s the whole story! ABS-CBN was phenomenal to me!” Bondad posted on Instagram before.

He also used to be a talent of GMA Artist Center but in a recent Instagram comment, he said that he no longer has a contract with the Kapuso network because he “burned it.”

This was also confirmed by entertainment news site in its report.