Lola Nena’s viral ad with moving car on background gives viewers ‘mini heart attack’

July 9, 2024 - 7:40 PM
Lola Nena's
Screengrab from Lola Nena's TikTok account (lolanenas/TikTok)

A bakery, known for old-fashioned Filipino donuts, surprised social media by releasing a video advertisement with a twist.

Lola Nena’s on Monday uploaded a Facebook Reel with the caption, “Always heat your donuts, mga apo.”

The clip showed a staff standing in the middle of a road in front of a Lola Nena’s branch.

She was seen opening a box of the bakery’s signature old-fashioned donuts while a gray car backed out of the branch’s parking area.

At some point, the vehicle appears to collide with the staff, shocking viewers.

It then drives off while the staff remains standing on her spot, revealing that it was an edit done to trick viewers.

Among those who reacted in the comments section were content creator Macoy Dubs and actress-entrepreneur Neri Naig.

Macoy shared selfies of him with two different expressions in response to watching the whole clip.

Macoy Dubs_Lola Nena's
(Photo from hellomacoy/Facebook)

Macoy’s comment has earned 2,100 laugh reactions.

Meanwhile, Neri admitted to being scared for the staff.

“Bwahaahahahah! Natakot ako kay Ate (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji). Oo na, bibili na po bukas,” she commented with a smiling face emoji.

The bakery also showed a “behind the scenes” version of the clip on TikTok.

“RE-AL or FA-KE. Oh noo, FA-KE,” it said in its caption.

The “behind the scenes” version showed the staff practicing her lines while vehicles passed.

A food delivery rider could also be spotted behind, as well as a gray car.

The car did not collide with her despite moving near her position, revealing that it was an edit.

@lolanenas RE-AL or FA-KE. Oh noo FA-KE😜 #lolanenas #foryou #trend #bts #behindthescenes ♬ original sound – Lola Nena

“Akala ko talaga eh,” a TikTok user commented with crying emojis.

“Akala ko babanggain [niyo] si nanay,” another user wrote with the same emoji.

“I had a mini heart attack,” commented a different Pinoy with a laughing emoji.

Lola Nena prides itself on bringing the warmth and comfort of homemade goodness through its variety of Filipino snacks and meals, such as Pichi-Pichi, Pancit Palabok, Canton Bihon, Pinoy-style Donuts, and Siopao Tostado.

It started in 2012 by primarily selling Pichi-Pichi, one of its well-loved products.

The bakery has several branches in and around Metro Manila.

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