Food or play? Mikael Daez takes food game to the next level

October 3, 2020 - 1:13 PM
Image shows celebrity gamer Mikael Daez. (Foodpanda/Released)

For celebrity gamer Mikael Daez, gaming and food go hand-in-hand.

Model-turned-actor Daez said that as a gamer himself he relates to how his fellow gamers often have to decide between food and play when one’s real-life energy bar runs low.

He shared that he used to go on 10-hour marathon computer sessions playing DOTA 1 and going for “beyond godlike!” killstreaks with his friends during his teenage years and made poor food choices just to defeat other players, upgrade items or clear quest.

Daez said during this game marathon he sometimes ate instant noodles and canned goods.

Now that he is named as one of the newest endorsers of delivery service Foodpanda, Daez has leveled up his food game.

He said the delivery service “has been amazing in providing a seamless experience to be able to get food without disturbing my gaming,” the actor-gamer said.

“All it takes is just a few clicks on the app, and my food is on the way,” he added.

Daez, who is currently playing a lot of Fallout Shelter Online, DOTA 2, and Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, or Ragnarok Mobile, said that with food delivery service available, he no longer has to quit games to take food breaks. He just simply hit pause, place his orders through the app’s user-friendly interface, and get right back into the action without losing the all-important gamer’s momentum.

“It enhances my gaming experience kasi tuloy tuloy na siya,” he said.

Foodpanda has over 20,000 restaurant partners nationwide and promises to deliver meals in 25 minute or less.

It also delivers daily essentials and household needs as the public turn to online shopping or grocery amid the pandemic.

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