‘You do you’: Netizens throw support for Alessandra de Rossi after tweet on singlehood

May 4, 2021 - 7:58 PM
Alessandra de Rossi
Alessandra de Rossi in this photo taken by Rico Gutierrez and posted on her Instagram on March 9, 2021. (Photo from Instagram/msderossi)

Some social media users backed actress Alessandra de Rossi who recently stood up for single women being judged for their status.

The 36-year-old actress on Tuesday opened up about sometimes feeling annoyed whenever people would make female singles feel “less of a woman” if they are unmarried, do not have children yet or are not yet engaged.

“Para bang… Pwede bang ito ‘yung path namin?! Sige, what is the essence of a woman? Malay ko! I don’t even know the essence of a man! CHOT,” she tweeted.

“If motherhood or getting married is the best thing that ever happened to you, I’m happy for you. I’m sure it is the happiest place to be. Pero okay naman ako sa Jollibee. Kanya kanyang trip lang ‘yan. Naiiyak nga ako sa magandang sunset and it’s also the best thing for me,” De Rossi added with emojis.

“Stop feeling like you’ve made it because you’re there na and I’m not…. And I seriously do not care,” she further said with a series of laughing-with-tears emojis.

The actress said that she has “never prayed for a man and a career” and that she’ll take “whatever” God gives her.

“Kung ano na lang dumating, let’s embrace it and always be thankful for what we have, instead of looking for what’s not there. ‘Pag dumating, ay bongga pala! ‘Pag hindi, life was always bongga in the first place,” De Rossi said in another tweet.

Some Filipinos expressed their support to her, saying that staying single is a “choice” and is not supposed to be imposed on anyone.

“Staying single is a choice… no big deal. Enjoy being single,” a Facebook user wrote in response to the actress’ remarks.

“All women are entitled (to) which path they are going to take, whether one gets married or remains single is entirely up to them. One’s choice is not in any way a derogation of whatever they are, whether one is a man or a woman,” another online user said.

“Bakit ba kasi may time ‘yong ibang tao manghusga noh?
Let people do their thing in their own timeline and choice.
In short, ‘YOU DO YOU’ /Mind your own business literally and figuratively,” commented a different Filipino.

Dr. Nathalie Verceles, director of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of the Philippines, said it is normal among older generations to have strong beliefs about women having children.

“They grew up in an entirely different context from ours, and we need to understand that,” she said in 2020 interview.

Verceles said the “cultural need” to have a child comes from the way women are viewed in Philippine society.

“There’s what we would call the ‘theory of biological determinism’ that says because women have the capacity to bear and give children, this should be extended to all the other roles they play in society,” she explained.

“This is why society reproaches women who decide to not have children — because it’s seen as our primary function,” Verceles said.

Cultural researcher Jazz Tugadi said that there is a double standard in the society since motherhood is hailed as the “fulfillment” of a woman’s “destiny” while unmarried men who chose to stay single are “applauded and celebrated as bachelors.”