‘Your girl just got dumped!’: Mimiyuuuh vlogs about 1st heartbreak

November 25, 2022 - 4:47 PM
Photo shows content creator Mimiyuuuh (Screengrab from Mimiyuuuh/YouTube)

“Your girl just got dumped!”

This was the revelation of Mimiyuuh in a vlog titled “MY FIRST HEARTBREAK STORY,” uploaded on Thursday, November 24.

In the vlog, the content creator shared that she met her now ex-boyfriend through a dating app.

Mimiyuuuh said they went on a date in Tagaytay where she became comfortable with her date.

“Alam niyo po ba kapag naging-comfortable talaga ako sa isang tao sobrang clingy ko talaga. Ewan ko, para kasing sobrang ok ng dynamics namin e kasi Pisces siya, Scorpio ako. Tapos doon ko po napatunayan na ang sign na sign na yan parang hindi talaga siya totoo,” Mimiyuuuh jokingly said.

“Jusko iniwas-iwasan ko pa yang mga fire sign, fire sign na yan, sa water sign lang din pala ako masasaktan,” she said in jest.

After a few dates, Mimiyuuuh learned that the person she was dating would leave the country to study.

This made Mimiyuuuh hesitate to pursue the relationship because he will be Mimiyuuuh’s first boyfriend and she does not want to commit to a long-distance relationship.

“Since nga po na-attach ako sa kanya and I really feel safe with him and he really made me feel special,” she decided to continue their ties despite the challenge. 

A few months after being in a relationship, Mimiyuuuh said they faced some conflicts. 

On her birthday, Mimiyuuuh said she was expecting something from her partner, given that they are in a long-distance relationship.

“I really appreciate yung message niya po pero ewan ko parang hindi ko talaga na-feel na special ako sa kanya on my special day,” she said.

“Alam mo yun na ang dami ngang nagbibigay sayo ng regalo, ang daming cake. Pag galing po sa someone na you really love or you really like, nagiging extra po yung love na nararamdaman mo,” Mimiyuuuh said.

She communicated her thoughts to her boyfriend and received flowers the next day.

A few days later, while Mimiyuuuh was filming in Indonesia, an unexpected message came from her then boyfriend asking for a breakup.

“Sabi niya po, ‘Hi, I think this is not gonna work. Naghahanap lang ako ng tyempo to say this to you.’ Yun po yung first words na nabasa ko sa message niya,” Mimiyuuh said.

“This was very new to me, na-overwhelm po ako, nawala apetite ko ganoon and actually hindi ko po talaga alam ma-fe-feel ko sa sinabi niya na he was just waiting for the right timing,” she said.

“I really felt alone kasi all this time I thought I found my home e hindi pa po pala, opo,” the YouTuber added. 

Mimiyuuuh also shared the lesson she learned from this heartbreak.

“Many people po will make us feel that we are hard to love. And yung mga tao po na nagpa-feel satin na mahirap tayo mahalin, hindi lang po nila alam paano tayo mahalin ng tama,” she noted. 

‘Wag niyo pong sisihin yung sarili niyo kasi hindi niyo po mararamdaman sa tamang tao. Hindi po ipaparamdam ng tamang tao sa inyo na ang hirap hirap niyong mahalin kasi loving is easy when you’re with the right person,” she continued.

Mimiyuuuh also emphasized the importance of self-love before going into a relationship.

“Kung mahal mo ang sarili mo, alam mo kung ano ang deserve mo and we all deserve the best,” she said.

Concluding her vlog, Mimiyuuuh gave a message to her ex-boyfriend.

“I hope we feel better really, really soon,” she said.