#MamaMo: Janine Gutierrez mistaken as daughter of other celeb moms

January 30, 2023 - 4:50 PM
Janine Gutierrez
Janine Gutierrez endorses Charriol in this photo from her Instagram on Dec. 10, 2022 (Instagram/janinegutierrez).

It’s another day, another “mom” for Janine Gutierrez.

The actress on Monday shared the latest of her “#MamaMo” encounters when a man mistook her for being the daughter of Jenine Desiderio, the mother of Janella Salvador.

Janine shared that she went to the veterinary clinic on Sunday when a man with a shih tzu asked her name.

“Janine po,” she responded.

“Ay, oo nga ano! Naka-mask ka kasi. Mommy mo si Jenine Desiderio?” he said.

“Ay hindi po. Si Lotlot po,” the actress told him.

She tweeted this encounter and wrote: “#MamaKoMamaMoMamaNatingLahat”

Janine’s #MamaMo updates amused fans online, with one quipping that the actress is the “pambansang anak.”

“I’ll take it,” Janine responded.

Last week, the “Dirty Linen” actress shared that she was mistaken as a daughter of a certain “Maricel” during a taping.

In her tweet, Janine added the names of two celebrity Maricels: Maricel Soriano or Maricel Laxa.

She responded to the individual that her mother is Lotlot de Leon.

“#AnotherDayAnotherNanay,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

During the campaign season in 2022, Janine shared that she was mistaken as a daughter of former vice president Leni Robredo when she joined a house-to-house campaign.

At that time, Robredo was running for president in the 2022 national elections. The lawyer’s supporters were campaigning for her by doing personal house-to-house visits and drives.

Janine was among those who participated in the initiative, where she encountered someone asking if she was “the child.”

The actress replied yes, explaining that she was used to answering questions if she is “the child,” especially in the context of the showbiz industry.

“Anak ni Leni?” the person in the house-to-house campaign asked.

“Ay hindi po, anak ni Lotlot!” Janine answered.

Robredo has three daughters — Aika, Tricia and Jillian — who also conducted house-to-house campaigns for their mother and her running mate before, former senator Kiko Pangilinan.

Tricia, who was among those who led the initiative, is baptized as Janine Patricia.

Meanwhile, Janine is the eldest daughter of Lotlot and actor Ramon Christopher Gutierrez.

Janine’s paternal grandparents are singer Pilita Corrales and veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez. On the other hand, her adopted maternal grandparents are Nora Aunor and actor Christopher de Leon.

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