Benj Pangilinan gets love from showbiz friends amid release of debut single’s MV

July 10, 2023 - 6:08 PM

Veteran performer Gary Valenciano and actress Sofia Andres were among those who expressed support for rising act Benj Pangilinan as he debuted the music video of his first single as a singer-songwriter.

The younger brother of Kapamilya heartthrob Donny Pangilinan dropped the music video for his electro-pop ballad, “Love, That’s Rare” on Friday, July 7 on his YouTube channel @BenjPangilinanOfficial.

“Love, That’s Rare” is Benj’s first single under international record label Sony Music Entertainment, which is home to some of the biggest musical acts like P-pop royalty SB19 and multi-awarded nine-piece band Ben&Ben.

The track is composed by the younger Pangilinan and is co-produced by Grammy-nominated music producer Xerxes Bakker, who has collaborated with famous artists like Imagine Dragons, Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5 and Cee-Lo Green.

“Love, That’s Rare” digs deep into young romance and nostalgia as it gazes at the complexities of love while acknowledging its effect on shaping one’s worldview — for better or worse.

Xerxes incorporated ’80s soft rock with electronic flourishes in the song to showcase Benj’s versatility in songwriting.

Benj previously said he wrote the track that transported him back to a specific time, helping him make sense of the conflicting emotions he was experiencing at that time.

“I wrote the song a while back, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure why,” the alternative-pop prodigy said before.

Its music video, which debuted last Friday, was directed by filmmaker Gilb Baldoza who has done important work with artists like “Asia’s Limitless Star” Julie Anne San Jose and legendary OPM icon Rico Blanco.

The main idea behind its visuals was conceived by Benj and his sister, Hannah Pangilinan.

“We wanted to try our best to tell a story that made people see a different side of love and all that it brings,” he shared.

“Working with Direk Gilb was super fun. His energy is infectious. I learned so much from him on the process of what it takes to create a short film,” the rising act added.

“We wanted to bring a different take. Love songs have been made for years and years with so many concepts. We thought of a way to show love differently, from a different perspective,” Benj said, explaining his music video.

“Music is very open-minded. It can mean something else to me and something else to you. We wanted to bring that in video form. When you watch it, it means something to you… only you can understand. An open-ended ending gives that opportunity,” he continued.

Among those who congratulated Benj on the debut of his music video was his uncle, Mr. Pure Energy Gary V.

“Am so, so, so proud of you @benjpangilinan1. I love the song… and I love the music video. Enjoy it, friends!!! #BenjLoveThatsRare,” the performer exclaimed on Twitter.

Sofia also cheered for the young artist on Instagram.

“Wooohoooooo,” she commented on one of Benj’s posts about the music video with a raised hands emoji.

Despite coming from a lineage of well-respected entertainers, Benj said he wants to be known for bringing his personal stamp to his art.

The multi-hyphenate artist said he is keen on redirecting his focus to making music that represents his own vision.

“I’m not trying to impress anyone,” he said. “I guess, I just try to focus on being authentic as possible to shine His light to others.”