‘So surreal’: Ben&Ben reminisces busking in historic Abbey Road, London

August 2, 2023 - 3:40 PM
A photo of Ben&Ben during their tour in London, UK (BenAndBenMusic/Facebook)

It was a surreal moment.

This was how folk-pop band Ben&Ben described their spontaneous experience busking in front of a small group of people on Abbey Road, a bustling thoroughfare in London.

The band uploaded a video that showed the nine members singing their latest single “Could Be Something” in acapella.

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The small crowd cheered for them after their brief performance.

Ben&Ben described this as a surreal moment for the band.

“This moment was so surreal to us,” they said on the post.

Ben&Ben also shared that they originally plan to busk in Trafalgar Square, a popular tourist destination where most of London’s attractions are located.

The nine-piece, however, failed to get a license first.

They were later given another opportunity to sing live later on.

“We were trying to get a photo on the iconic Abbey Road then this happened. We originally planned to busk at Trafalgar Square but didn’t get the permits in time for our trip and so we almost gave up on the idea of being able to busk and perform our music,” the group recalled.

“But little did we know, a beautiful, spontaneous moment like this was about to happen: we got to sing for a lovely group of people,” they added.

Abbey Road is widely popular for the pedestrian crossing where the Beatles walked on for the cover of their album of the same name.

It also houses one of the most famous recording studios in the world.

Ben&Ben were thankful for their short busking experience on the historical street.

“Sometimes, things won’t go our way no matter how much we prepare for it… maybe because there’s something better waiting for us,” they said.

Ben&Ben was in London because they performed at the 1MX London Music Festival last July 8.

Busking, meanwhile, is a type of street performance where individuals perform live music in public places.

While this activity is generally permit-free in London, buskers and street performers are required to have licenses first as part of the regulations of the Westminster City Council.

There are also dedicated locations for buskers in Trafalgar Square.