Ellen Adarna expresses support for Maggie Wilson as host bares money issues

October 12, 2023 - 1:38 PM
Ellen Adarna-Maggie-Wilson
Ellen Adarna in this photo on her Instagram on Oct. 5, 2023; Maggie Wilson in this photo on her Instagram on Sept. 12, 2023 (maria.elena.adarna/Instagram; wilsonmaggie/Instagram)

Actress Ellen Adarna expressed support for former beauty queen and television host Maggie Wilson, who bared previous money issues amid her current legal battles.

Maggie married property developer mogul Victor Consunji, a third-generation scion of a family in the real estate business, in December 2001.

They went their separate ways in September 2021, eleven years after their marriage.

They have an 11-year-old son named Connor.

Following the couple’s separation, legal battles ensued.

Maggie was slapped with charges of adultery and cyber libel, with the complaints being filed by Victor, his rumored girlfriend Rachel Carrasco and Victor’s company, the Victor Consunji Development Corp.

On Wednesday, October 11, the TV host shared an Instagram post where she said that it has “been over two years” since she “walked away.”

“He pledged to give me a monthly stipend of PHP20,000 in late 2021 for my basic needs. I have not received a single peso, nor have I followed up or asked for any of it,” Maggie wrote, without naming names.

“In fact, the house I moved into when I was still in Manila had six months’ worth of unpaid bills. I cleared that debt myself. I’ve even asked several times for the bank account details to pay for the ‘rent,’ but they wouldn’t give them to me,” she added.

“He has been using borrowed money from investors to try and get me instead of paying what he owes to his suppliers, brokers, taxes, credit lines from banks, and others. I get phone calls and messages every single day from people chasing debt,” the TV host said.

“If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite,” Maggie continued.

“For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist,” she concluded.

Ellen saw her post and expressed support in the comments section.

“Na-scam ka ata, Mags,” the actress said with emojis of laughing-with-tears, sad-but-relieved face, upside-down smiling face and a melting face.

“Hugs, Mags,” Ellen added with a red heart emoji.

Ellen’s comment has earned over 1,800 likes on Instagram, with some users lauding her for “standing up for Maggie.”

“Salute,” an Instagram user responded to Ellen.

“Girl Power,” another user said of the exchange with heart emojis.

“Wow! Perfect answer, Mrs. Ramsay,” wrote a different user with emojis of a red heart and fire.

Maggie in her IG post included a picture of her and her mother, who she said was arrested by “multiple police officers” on Wednesday morning for “carnapping.”


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A post shared by Maggie Wilson (@wilsonmaggie)

“My mother has looked after OUR son and YOU through thick and thin. You’ve hit a new low,” Maggie said in an Instagram Story on Wednesday.

“P.S. Everything has been and will continue to be documented in detail. The government wouldn’t listen, and the justice system wouldn’t listen, but I’m sure the rest of the world will. One man is about to bring great shame to our country,” she added.

Maggie said that her senior mother “doesn’t have a license, let alone knows how to drive.”

Maggie Wilson_IG Story2
(Screengrab from wilsonmaggie/Instagram)
Maggie Wilson_IG Story
(Screengrab from wilsonmaggie/Instagram)

Her post was reshared by British-Thai entrepreneur Tim Connor, her business partner.

“I am unsure how to tell your son that you had his Mother and Grandmother arrested because you were so angry that you no longer had control of your ex-wife,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

Tim Connor_IG Story
(Screengrab from iamtimconnor/Instagram)

Maggie recently claimed that paid TikTok users have launched a coordinated smear campaign against her and her company, ACASA Manila.

She accused Rachel of sending the screenshots used by the TikTokers in their videos maligning her.

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