Maggie Wilson mulls legal action vs online users involved in smear campaign

September 27, 2023 - 3:53 PM
Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson in this photo in her Instagram on July 24, 2023 (wilsonmaggie/Instagram)

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson urged content creators and other online users who participated in a coordinated smear campaign against her and her company to come forward and send screenshots of the instructions they have received related to the initiative.

In an Instagram Story, the Miss World Philippines 2007 titleholder on Wednesday bared that her camp has the information of content creators, organizers and other people involved in the online attacks against her and ACASA Manila, a home and lifestyle brand offering interior design services.

“We have all of your names and many of your ID’s, places of work, school, etc. Even if the videos were deleted. Many have messaged, trying to pass the blame on others,” Maggie wrote on an Instagram Story on September 27.

She urged them to message British-Thai entrepreneur Tim Connor on Instagram with screenshots of messages from their managers, friends and others who “instructed” them in the campaign.

“Once we [receive] it, we will decide whether to include you in our legal action through the criminal justice system. We encourage you to present this within the next 24 hours,” Maggie said.

Maggie Wilson_IG Story
Instagram Story of Maggie Wilson posted on Sept. 27, 2023 (wilsonmaggie/Instagram)

‘Coordinated campaign’

Maggie has been sharing screenshots of chats telling a group of people to post content following a “script.” The initiative is paid, claiming it has a P8,000 “talent fee.”

Based on her screenshots, some of them are YouTube vloggers, a private company executive and TikTok content creators.

Maggie also shared screenshots of videos using the “#lagotsimaggot” and “#stopthedrama” hashtags on TikTok with her name.

Pinoys reshared some of the screenshots on X (formerly Twitter) to raise awareness, especially since IG Stories only have a 24-hour post limit.

Maggie also shared the profile of the person who instructed others to follow the “script.”

She also claimed that entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco, the current partner of her estranged husband Victor Consunji, was the one who sent the screenshots used in the videos maligning her and her company.

“The same woman who filed a cyber-libel case against Tim and me is the same woman who sent those ‘influencers’ the screenshots (from her own account; you can see her IG profile picture to the bottom left) that were used in those videos,” Maggie said.

“The time stamps on those screenshots were all the same. The script is the same,” she added a now-expired IG Story.

Instagram Story of Maggie Wilson (wilsonmaggie/Instagram)

Maggie also reshared videos of some TikTok content creators who have already apologized to her following the smear campaign.

These were also reposted by some Pinoys on the X platform.

Maggie also uploaded an Instagram post where she threw shade at the content creators who attacked her.

“I’ve been in the industry long enough to have been called every name in the book. Nothing new,” she said on Monday, September 25.

“On that note: It’s pretty obvious that you guys did a ‘story’ con. Props to all of you for memorising the script, it’s pretty consistent. Although, one of you [spelled’ my name wrong. It’s MAGGIE and not MAJIE. The hashtags and ‘sponsored’ tag for the campaign really gave it away. Try better next time,” Maggie added.


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An unnamed ‘ex’

Last week, reports said Maggie talked about an alleged theft in ACASA and how an “ex” was supposedly attempting to bankrupt her.

“I don’t even know where to begin, but I want to be transparent with you,” she said in an IG Story before

“Over the past several weeks, we have discovered that members of ACASA’s staff have stolen large amounts of money from the company, which we are now taking legal action on,” the TV host added.

Maggie also mentioned an “ex” who she claimed was trying to bankrupt her and her company, “including millions of pesos of unpaid bills by his company.”

She is married to Victor, a third-generation scion of a family in the real estate business.

Maggie announced her separation from him in 2021, 11 years after their marriage.

In a statement of Victor reported by Philippine Entertainment Portal, the businessman said Maggie is facing cases of adultery, cyber libel and “multiple civil cases about the “collection of unrecovered funds and swindled investments.”

Maggie has accused Victor of having an “affair” with Rachel and impregnating the latter.