Clint Bondad shares cryptic IG Stories anew, includes Anne Jakrajutatip’s message

November 27, 2023 - 2:19 PM
Clint Bondad and Anne Jakrajutatip
Clint Bondad in this photo from his Instagram on April 12, 2022; Anne Jakrajutatip in this photo on her Instagram on Oct. 19, 2023 (clintbondad/Instagram; annejkn.official/Instagram)

Three years after setting the internet abuzz with his cryptic Instagram Stories, model-entrepreneur Clint Bondad once again drew intrigue with his posts involving Miss Universe Organization owner Anne Jakrajutatip.

On Sunday, November 27, the Filipino-German personality posted a series of IG Stories that began with “Hallo Philippines.”

Clint then featured screenshots of private messages he received from two unidentified individuals.

He followed it up with an IG Story of a blurred photo with the text: “And you see”

Viewers are then greeted with a screengrab of a conversation that features the Thai mogul’s profile picture.

“This BitX,” Clint said in a text.

The screengrab featured Anne supposedly telling Clint that she was “going to love” him “at one point before.”

“But God saved me from being blind,” the JKN Global Group CEO said in the message.

Anne said there were more important things for her to look out for like “my children,” “my parents,” and “the Universe,” which she described as “my service to the world.”

She also called Clint “delusional” and advised him to “go back to build your real profession and face the world yourself.”

“I’m here to say goodbye as it’s time to do so. I have to stop my empathy over you as it would help you come full circle by cutting it cold,” the MUO owner added.

“Good luck, bro! It was once to meet you once in this life. I hope that you had the gratitude over my help in Thailand. Grow up, man!!! Take care and good luck!” Anne said.

The next IG Story had a black background with the text: “Unblock me”

Clint BondadIG_Nov262023b
(Screengrab from clintbondad/Instagram on Nov. 26, 2023)
Clint BondadIG_Nov262023c
(Screengrab from clintbondad/Instagram on Nov. 26, 2023)
(Screengrab from clintbondad/Instagram on Nov. 26, 2023)

There have been rumors before that Anne, before she acquired the MUO, was supposedly going out with Clint.

At that time, the model had broken up with his six-year girlfriend, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Clint said their relationship ended after the Miss Universe coronation.

By July 2020, the model caused a stir when he began to post mysterious IG Stories. Some of them were post-breakup sentiments.

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Shortly after, Anne went forward and revealed that Clint had been living with her for months already, following concerns about his mental health due to his IG blast.

She also assured social media users, particularly Filipinos, that he was “super happy but needs to be corrected on mannerisms.”

“Everyone, stop inboxing me and asking ‘normal??’ Yes, of course, he is!” Anne said before.

“You must love him! My bro is cool!” she added.

It was in October 2019 when Clint posted a picture with Anne, calling her his “sidekick.”

The Thai mogul has not yet commented about Clint’s recent IG Stories involving her.