Fans ‘gag’ over Sabrina Carpenter’s new MV ‘hard launching’ boyfriend

June 7, 2024 - 8:47 PM

Following the success of her hit single “Espresso”, pop singer Sabrina Carpenter surprised her fans with a new music video featuring her boyfriend, “Saltburn” actor Barry Keoghan.

Sabrina released the song titled “Please Please Please” on Friday (Philippine time), accompanied by a music video.

With its release, many fans were surprised by the storyline, the lyrics, and a smitten Barry playing a criminal. This generated 3.2 million views and 363,000 likes in the first 12 hours since it was dropped.

Entering a new era

Sabrina is officially saying goodbye to her fifth studio album, “Emails I can’t Send”, which brought sensational singles like “Nonsense”, “Feather”, and “Because I Liked a Boy” with this new release.

“Please Please Please” is the second song she will include in her upcoming album, “Short n’ Sweet” set to be released on August 23.

It tells a story of Sabrina falling in love with a guy with the hopes that the guy will not break her heart.

A few fans on X (formerly Twitter) thought that the song is about her relationship with Barry based on a few lyrics mentioned and were “gagged” over the appearance of Barry in the MV which they considered a “hard launch.”

“Sabrina Carpenter hard launching her relationship with a song that says ‘I beg you don’t embarrass me motherf*****’ BYEEEE” one X user wrote.

More about the MV

While Sabrina begs for her heart to get protected in her song, her music video tells a tale of her being arrested and meeting a mob-tied criminal.

For those who follow their history in relationships, many would immediately assume the parallels between Sabrina and Barry’s on-screen and off-screen romance.

“Congratulations Barry Keoghan for being the first man to ever survive in a Sabrina Carpenter music video,” said one fan of the pop singer on X.

Before meeting the man behind her second new single, Sabrina dated actor Joshua Bassett in 2020, sparking a controversial feud between her and Joshua’s other ex-girlfriend, Olivia Rodrigo.

This prompted Sabrina to make a few songs inspired by the love triangle, like “Skins” and “Because I Liked a Boy”.

Meanwhile, Barry broke up with her long-time girlfriend and mother of his child, Alyson Kierans in January.

Familiar synths from Taylor Swift’s producer

Pop Base, a social media account dedicated to sharing updates about pop culture and entertainment, also noticed that the recognizable beat and synthesis from the new Sabrina release came from the producer of pop music giant, Taylor Swift.

“Jack Antonoff produced Sabrina Carpenter’s new single ‘Please Please Please,” Pop Base pointed out on X.

Sabrina blossomed her collaborative friendship with Taylor and Jack through the “Eras Tour”, where she performed over 26 opening shows for Swift since August 2023.

Jack Antonoff is a Grammy award-winning music producer who has worked with other famous artists such as Lana Del Rey, Carly Ray Jepsen, Lorde, Troye Sivan, Kendrick Lamar, and has been a long-time music partner of Taylor.

The producer is particularly known for his signature synthesized music and vintage outboard analog effects, which can also be heard in “Please Please Please”.