Andi Eigenmann shutters Twitter account after another tirade vs Jake Ejercito

April 24, 2017 - 7:12 PM
Andi Eigenmann.

Andi Eigenmann deactivated her Twitter account on Monday, two days after posting another tirade in response to Jake Ejercito’s Facebook post explaining why he had filed a joint custody petition over their daughter Ellie.

Jake broke his silence after Andi blasted him on Twitter last Thursday and Friday over the joint custody suit he filed early this month.

In a series of posts, Andi accused Jake of, among other things, “trying to bring her down,” and used the words and phrases “evil,” “heartless,” and “people who only think of themselves” in an apparent reference to the actor and his family.

In response, Jake took exceptions to Andi’s tweets with a post on his Facebook page last Saturday that was later shared by sister Jerika, who is mentioned in Andi’s tweets as the only party communicating with her since the issue of custody came up.

“In spite of the slanderous claims made by some, I have relatively kept my peace since I filed the petition for joint custody of Ellie. But in recent days, Andi has been overgeneralising to the point of dragging my entire family into the issue. I now kindly request her to focus her tirades on me as I will not allow myself to be used as a publicity pawn against my family.

“Moreover, I will not let my family be incessantly used in someone’s apparent pursuit to play victim. My family and I have reached out to you numerous times and in countless of ways. Please stop making it seem otherwise and leave them out of this. Besides, this is about my rights as a father. Please stop making it about you.

“I hope this will be the last time I will feel the need to comment on anything related to the petition as I seek for its speedy resolution. Let us now have faith in our justice system and allow the case to take its proper course,” Jake said in his post.

Reacting to Jake’s post and as reported by, Andi claimed in another series of tweets last Saturday that she was being painted as a “bad” and “unfit” mother in Jake’s petition.

But even though she has deactivated her Twitter page, the Twit Longer link to a lengthy tweet she had asked her followers to “help Jake see” has remained active.

She also denied that she was involving Jake’s family in the issue while at the same time insisting that, contrary to Jake’s claim, she had actually reached out to him countless times to no avail.

“If someone from your side did reach out, it has always been your sister. Just her. And NEVER you. Masyado ka kasing mataas…I dont care about your family to have to talk about them, I care about your true intentions for trying to take my child away from me.”

As for Jake’s allusion that she is merely playing victim, Andi tweeted that she really is a victim.

“I was a victim. A victim of abuse by you, Jake. That caused me so much pain that Ive already gone past.”

By “gone past” the pain, Andi meant that she is now in what she calls an “awesome relationship” with surfer Emilio Arambulo.

Still, Andi stressed that it was never her intention to deprive Ellie of a father.

“I wouldn’t take my child away from a father that loves her dearly. When I say she cant, due to previous engagements, its true. And you choosing to never believe me, is on you…Because while I gave up on our relationship, I will never give up on you as a dad.”

It was only last year that Andi admitted to the public that Jake is Ellie’s father. When the girl was born five years ago, Andi claimed actor Albie Casino was the father.