‘Stylish, timeless’: Andi Eigenmann promotes sustainable fashion

April 27, 2023 - 6:52 PM
Composite photo of Andi Eigenmann's children with Philmar Alipayo, Lilo and Koa, in secondhand clothes (andieigengirl/Instagram)

Andi Eigenmann promoted local sustainable clothing with her children.

Through her Instagram account, Andi has been uploading adorable photos of Lilo and Koa wearing outfits she purchased from online thrift stores.

In two of her posts, the actress-turned-entrepreneur showcased dresses, overhauls and a swimsuit from a local shop called We Rise Kids.

In her post on April 20, Lilo was wearing a swimsuit while Koa wore two overalls from the shop.

“This was supposed to be a @werise.kids haul, but Lilo refused to get out of the swimmies all morning!” Andi said.

“I did ‘mini shoots’ like this with toddler Ellie too, though it’s taken on a better purpose this time around as I get to help make secondhand kids’ fashion become more mainstream!” she added.

Andi later featured another vintage outfit from the store—a printed dress for Lilo.

“Lovely, loving, lovable Lilo! Wearing another secondhand find from @werise.kids!” she said in her post on April 22.

Andi on April 25 found another local online store that sells secondhand children’s fashion, Kiru Shop.

She uploaded photos of her fashion haul for Lilo. Her daughter looked adorable in vintage dresses and coordinates.

Andi also featured their dog Oat in the post.

“Another kids’ fashion haul, with a side of extra cuteness brought to you by our boy Oat!” she said.

“This time, it’s from a local online store with ethically sourced, timeless pieces for the littles, by a nanay like me! Thank you kirushop.ph,” she further said.

In her previous posts, Andi recalled that she also used to resell or donate some of her clothes that “no longer spark joy” in her.

“I try and create circularity with my pre-loved clothes, by passing on/ reselling pieces of my wardrobe that no longer spark joy and it feels good to be on the other and of the stick too, once in a while, especially when it’s for my ever-growing children,” Andi said.

“An older child’s trash is definitely a little one’s treasure,” she added.

This time, when shopping for children’s clothing, the mother of three said that she looks for thrift stores first before shopping in stores that offer fast fashion.

“Before resorting to fast fashion for our children’s clothes, always nice to look at shops that enable us to give more love to pre-loved clothes that other children have outgrown. More often than not, it’s a more stylish, timeless, piece with better quality for a good price,” Andi said.

Andi has three children Ellie, Lilo and Koa.

Ellie is her eldest with her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Lilo and Koa, meanwhile, are her kids with Philmar.