Marvin Agustin to direct eight-part mini-series for HOOQ

June 29, 2017 - 3:08 PM
Marvin Agustin poses at the cigar room of Wolfgang's Steakhouse, located at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

In the late ‘90s, he was remembered for being one half of the well-loved Marvin-Jolina loveteam, starring in several TV shows and films as the funny loverboy of the tandem.

He showed that he could take on a serious role in the film “Dekada ‘70,” with Vilma Santos, and then reclaimed his comedic timing in the “Moron 5” movies.

Over the years, Marvin Agustin has reinvented himself over and over again, not just as an actor, but also as a chef and entrepreneur.

As if being a respected actor and businessman wasn’t enough, Marvin studied filmmaking in New York University last year.

He has been putting the lessons he learned in film school and from his more than two decades in the industry to good use with his latest passion project: an eight-episode series under on-demand entertainment platform HOOQ, which he will direct and co-produce.

In an interview with InterAksyon, Marvin talked about the upcoming series.

“This is a project very close to my heart,” he said. “I’m a hopelessly romantic person. I love love, romantic movies, siguro not just to watch. Most of the films I’ve done as an actor are romantic movies.”

He goes a bit into detail, saying, “It’s a series of love stories about, especially, this generation when technology has taken over our lives and things have become so easy. And meeting and connecting with people has become so easy? Is it also easy to fall in love with people these days and fall out? That is what the eight-episode series will be about.”

Marvin added that the series will showcase a group of friends who encounter different levels of affection in their relationships and in everyday life, and with the use of social media and dating apps; shedding light on how millennials define love as compared to other generations.

“I just want to tell a story of, yes, it becomes easy, but I don’t think when it comes to falling in love, there is an easy way. Falling in love and human connections are timeless,” he says emphatically.

Marvin is currently busy developing the stories with scriptwriters in shaping his directorial debut, which will soon be brought to life by the creative and production teams. Shooting will begin in August.

The actor admitted that for the meantime, he will prioritize directing over his other passions—acting and the restaurant business included.

“I am a hundred percent focused on this one. I’ve been waiting for so long until I realized and I decided that I am ready to tell as story. For me, that is the main role of a director—to tell a story. Walang panget, walang maganda sa pagkukuwento ng istorya. Nakukuha yan sa lalim ng experience and pagkatao ng isang tao.”
“I’m not actually promising a beautiful story or whatsoever. I’m just going to share a lot of my experience. It would definitely come out in a lot of my characters, lalo na ito ensemble so excited kami gumawa ng mga writers ko. I’m very excited,” he said.

Despite his renewed interest in show business however, Marvin is confident that his other ventures will continue to prosper through the constant efforts of his partners and well-trained staff. Among the ventures Marvin shares with his business partners are the Sumo Sam chain of Japanese restaurants, and the Philippine branch of New York-based Wolfgang’s Steakhouse , which was also the first to open in Southeast Asia.

Marvin, now 38, says there is no secret to reinvention; rather, it is one’s passion that makes it happen.

“It’s my passion in life. I enjoyed my life. And whatever I do, from being a waiter that I enjoyed so much providing happiness to people, till I got into acting, then still a service-oriented business. I think it’s in my blood. It can’t be defined by just acting, or restaurants or whatsoever. I like the whole concept of making people happy,” he said.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is located on the second floor of the recently reopened Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. Call (02)511.7009 / (02)511.7089 / (02)511-7019 or visit for reservations.