Iza Calzado says positive outlook in life and career key to youthful glow

August 31, 2017 - 12:39 PM
Iza Calzado.

As one of the country’s busiest actresses, Iza Calzado is very much in the public eye. This year alone, she has done two films, “Bliss” and “Ilawod,” and is currently a household name as the main antagonist of the hit teleserye “A Love To Last.”

In between her acting assignments, Iza is also a brand ambassador for numerous products and is involved in advocacies that require her to make constant public appearances.

Now 35, Iza has always understood the importance of taking care of herself in order to keep up with her commitments. During Watsons’ recent Time to Renew campaign that aims to help women, particularly those with busy schedules, to restore their beauty and recharge their health, Iza shared the importance of having a day and night skin regimen to maintain one’s youthful glow.

In her particular case, Iza cited Pond’s Age Miracle and Pond’s Gold Radiance as two of the products that are staples of her skin care routine. More than taking care of her skin especially her face, Iza added that it is important to maintain a positive outlook in life and to look at age as merely a number.

Talking about her career, Iza told InterAksyon in an earlier interview during a recent iFlix event that she is now at a stage in her career where she is open to any roles that will “excite” her.

“For the longest time, I’ve been bored with the roles I’ve been doing on TV. I got excited with playing Amihan in the original ‘Encantadia’ as she was a strong woman who had lots of courage and also ‘All About Eve,’ which was also a very good series. But the rest, I’m always either playing a martyr, a poor woman who’s always crying, who’s always getting hurt and left by the man she loves,” she pointed out.

Iza Calzado at a recent iFlix event. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

So when the opportunity to play an antagonist on “A Love to Last” landed on her lap, Iza did not think twice about accepting the role.

“The only time that I played a kontrabida role on TV was in “Kung Mawawala Ka” in 2001. I was really a super kontrabida there but after that, the network wanted me to do lead roles,” she recalled.

In “A Love to Last,” Iza plays the role of Grace Silverio, the ex-wife of lead character Anton Noble (played by Ian Veneracion) who is now married to Andrea (Bea Alonzo). Grace now wants Anton back and is doing anything to make that happen.

“I enjoy playing my character and having fun with her. There is less pressure and there is more room to play around. I just go on the set and deliver and just get the job done,” Iza exclaimed.

And how effective is she in playing Grace? Iza says she has been getting a lot of feedback from fans who both loved her performance and hate her character.

“When Ate Kris (Aquino) saw me, she said, ‘You’re so bad in the show!’ and I said, ‘Yes, but it works, hindi ba?’”

Iza noted that what makes Grace such a compelling character to portray is that she is not a kontrabida in the traditional sense. “She is not super evil. Grace is a human being and like all human beings she has a good and bad side and, in her case, some more selfish than others.”

Iza Calzado (left) was one of the celebrities featured in Watsons’ recent Time To Renew campaign launch along with Ruffa Gutierrez, Alice Dixson and John James Uy. (Photo courtesy of Watsons)

As for upcoming film projects, Iza admits that although she is not officially part of the cast, she is very excited about the historical trilogy being developed by her “Bliss” director, Jerrold Tarog, who has since become a close friend to her.

“No, I won’t be in ‘Goyo’ because if they use me there, they may not be able to use me in the third film, about Manuel Quezon. I’d love to be in the third part of Jerrold’s trilogy,” she admitted.

Iza’s casting in that third film will depend on the director but she is hopeful in doing another working collaboration with Direk Jerrold.

“Like I said, I’m open to any role that will excite me. I’m no longer limiting myself to good girl characters. A good role is a good role, and I’ll be more than happy to play it,” she concluded.