Cignal TV movie ‘That One Night’ tackles timely, relevant issues

December 8, 2017 - 8:12 AM
Christian Bables and Jennica Garcia in 'That One Night.'

As bullying, depression, suicide, teenage pregnancy and HIV-AIDS are issues that have again been making headlines in recent weeks, a new series of made-for-television movies from Cignal Entertainment attempts to tackle these subjects in a thought provoking but still entertaining manner.

Produced by ContentCows Company of seasoned television executive Wilma Galvante, the new series dubbed as “Advocasine” is in line with Cignal’s mission of providing fresh content that is both of high quality, and equally responsive to Filipinos’ evolving tastes and demands.

“As content creators, we know that film is a powerful and effective platform to convey positivity to everyone most especially the youth. Since our themes are already serious, we balance it by adding entertaining elements such as romance, quirky characters, and enthralling milieus that will catch the attention of the youth,” Galvante noted.

For its initial offering, “Advocasine” presents “That One Night,” starring Christian Bables, Mark Neumann, and Jennica Garcia. The story of how one night can change the course of one’s life forever, the movie also presents the perspective of people living with HIV-AIDS, and how to rise from this situation in a positive manner.

Galvante furtner shares that “That One Night,” which also stars real life couple Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen, presents HIV-AIDS as a sex-related teen issue in a relatable manner. “[It] is a movie that empowers and educates, [and] at the same time engages and entertains.” She further mused.

For Cignal marketing head Guido Zaballero, “That One Night” is only the first of many movies in the “Advocasine” series that will take on challenging and edgy topics.

“The series is very much in keeping with Cignal’s vision to offer shows that Filipinos crave for. We have the platform and the reach. And Cignal is all about content, courage, coverage and choice,” he concluded.

“That One Night” will be shown on December 9 at 12NN and 6:30PM, on Colours (ch. 60 SD | 202 HD) and Sari Sari (ch. 3), available on Cignal TV.