Derek Ramsay in new anti-piracy campaign with ‘All of You’ co-stars

December 26, 2017 - 3:00 PM
Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado.

As one of the country’s most bankable stars, Derek Ramsay has been doing his share to fight film piracy.

Not too long ago, the 41-year old actor shot an infomercial where he and celebrity race car champion Gaby Dela Merced portrayed law enforcers chasing a guy (played by Kristoffer King) illegally camcording a film inside a theater. That infomercial has played in cinemas for three years running, helping educate the public about the criminal nature of film piracy.

Now Derek is once again at the forefront of the campaign against piracy. This time, he is joined by the rest of the cast of the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “All of You” led by leading lady Jennylyn Mercado.

Derek, Jennylyn and co-stars Hannah Ledesma, Milo Elmido, Jr. and Via Antonio are the current ambassadors of Globe Telecom for its #PlayItRight anti-piracy campaign.

According to filmmaker Quark Henares, who is the head of Globe Studios that is co-producing “All of You,” the #PlayItRight campaign “champions the entertainment industry by producing or releasing quality online or offline content and making more accessible to audiences.”

“Producing original content also comes with the responsibility of educating our customers to consume the right and legitimate way through #PlayItRight… Piracy undervalues and takes away the creative efforts that each member of a production team puts into the making a movie or the staging a show,” Henares noted.

Hannah Ledesma, Milo Elmido, Jr. and Via Antonio.

Henares added that while #PlayItRight is meant to “encourage Globe customers to consume their entertainment in the right way, by avoiding piracy,” it is also meant to educate everyone who watches the MMFF “to learn and appreciate the hard work that comes with putting together a movie – from the number of people down to the hours.”

“We are proud of Globe’s first MMFF entry and are reminding the public to watch ‘All of You’ and the rest of their MMFF favorites the right way.”

Co-produced by Quantum Films and MJM Productions, “All of You” reunites Derek and Jennylyn as well as director Dan Villegas. All three were responsible for the MMFF’s sleeper hit of 2014, “English Only, Please.”

Also starring Sam Milby, Rafael Rosell and Solenn Heussaff, “All of You” is a romantic comedy-drama set in Taiwan about two individuals who find modern-day love through a mobile dating app similar to Tinder.

After three years of being together, the couple find themselves at a point where they have to make the major decision to stay with each other or keep looking for #ThePerfectMatch. “All of You” is one of the expected top grossers of this year’s festival and a likely contender for the top awards.