What to watch out for in the second season of this Korean zombie drama

February 26, 2020 - 1:16 PM
This still image from Kingdom Season 2 shows Crown Prince Lee Chang played by Ju Ji-hoon in despair amid the zombie epidemic. (Netflix/Released)

As the highly-anticipated second season of zombie drama “Kingdom” is set to premiere next month, a teaser released last week unwrapped thrilling new layers to the mystery.

The teaser released by online streaming giant Netflix showed the continued bloody struggle of Crown Prince Lee Chang played by Ju Ji-hoon.

He is expected to return to Hanyang in search of the roots of the plague.

The teaser video also showed that the epidemic has changed in the next season.

The army of infected people no longer fall back to sleep in daytime as they had before.

The epidemic turned Joseon kingdom into hell on earth amid the ravages left by the greed of the ruling Cho family.

The second season is expected to revolve on Lee Chang’s struggle to save his people from the growing legions of zombie with no one to trust and help him.

Last February 6, the online streaming firm also released a key art that features the main characters Lee Chang, Cho-Hak-ju (Ryu Seung-ryong), Seo-bi (Bae Doona), Mu-yeong (Kim Sang-ho), Yeong-sin (Kim Sung-kyu), Beom-pal (Jeon Seok-ho) and the Queen Consort Cho played by Kim Hye-jun.

These characters are seen on a rooftop, fleeing from a flock of zombies who keep increasing.

The scene featured on the poster is a recall to the cliff-hanger end of the first season where zombies are seen awake despite the break of dawn.

The poster also bears the tagline “Blood Will Spill” foreshadowing the terror to be faced by the characters in the upcoming season.

This image shows the official poster of Kingdom Season 2. (Netflix/Released)

The original series is often likened by netizens to blockbuster South Korean zombie drama film “Train to Busan” released in 2016. The film was directed by directed by Yeon Sang-ho and was starred by K-drama actor Gong Yoo.

The second season comes more than a year after its first season’s premiere in January 2019. All episodes of Kingdom Season 2 will premiere globally on March 13.

Several fans of the series expressed excitement for Kingdom Season 2 online.

“After months of waiting for another season of Kingdom, nagrelease na talaga sila ng teaser for season 2 and I’m excited,” a Twitter user says.

“Kingdom Season 2 is making a comeback on Netflix and I’m excited but… I forgot how scared I was watching the first season,” another online user tweets.