Barbie Almalbis to launch ‘most collaborative’ work yet, new album ‘Scenes from Inside’

July 15, 2021 - 6:33 PM

Rock singer Barbie Almalbis and her band—Karel Honasan (Bass), Jonard Bolor (Drums), and Nikko Rivera (Keyboards), are set to hold a virtual concert on Friday evening.

She would drop her fourth studio album “Scenes from Inside” at 7 p.m., July 16 on her official Facebook page.

The nine-track album Barbie’s most collaborative work yet. It includes songs co-written by her husband Martin Honasan, her aunt Alya Honasan, and Michelle Rivera

“In the last few years, I’ve been collaborating a lot with Martin in writing songs. In this album, we wrote ‘Iyong-iyo’, ‘Comment’, ‘Kumpas’, and ‘Silaw’,” the singer-songwriter said in an interview with Interaksyon

She also noted that releasing singles instead of an album allowed them to work at a relaxed pace and focus on just a couple of songs at a time.

“Scenes from Inside” is a collection of songs for the last three years, and a story on how people cope up during the pandemic,” Barbie added.

The artist shared that the lockdown brought by the pandemic challenged their recording process. They had to improvise the materials they had at the moment.

“If we wait until we can all hang out and be in the studio together, it might take a while. So we made use of the tools that we had to keep the album going,” she shared.

Days are long,” a song about different “seasons” of life is Barbie’s favorite song to play from her latest album.

“With all the challenges of this pandemic, you really look more into where your security lies, where you get your hope, and for me that’s been my relationship with God,” she said.

Barbie is also releasing limited edition “Scenes From Inside” CDs that include songs from her EP, “Tigre.”

Barbie shared that the title of the album “Scenes from Inside” was also inspired by the cover art, an illustration version of a photo taken from one of their gigs at home.

Her sister-in-law Kuki Ulpin brought the scenes from inside their home to life through the cover art.

“So, she hand-carved a block of that image which was a photo that was taken by my husband from one of the gigs that we did. Ganun’ yung gigs ‘di ba? Nasa bahay lang, sariling sikap. ‘yung pagset-up ganyan. Basically, lahat ng nangyaring ito laging scenes from inside,” Barbie told Interaksyon.

Meanwhile, with Dari Crème and GNN Entertainment Productions as its official partners, fans can expect Barbie to perform the new songs from the album, as well as some classic favorites on the virtual stage.

“Scenes from Inside” would be released via 12 Stone Records and Sony Music Philippines—With Rosette Adel