Fandom, celebrity, collectibles: NFTs eyed to celebrate fave stars

August 5, 2022 - 5:28 PM
Illustration by Sayyid96 via Pixabay

Albums, photocards, lightsticks, funko pops? These aren’t the only things a fan could collect as this tech company seeks to offer Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs collectibles. 

At the first-ever Web3 Conference in South East Asia, Anotoys Collectiverse founder Oscar Tan-Abing Jr. said, “he wanted to create NFTs that allowed fans to celebrate their favorite stars in multiple interactive ways.”

The NFTs he plans to produce will allow fans to celebrate their favorite stars in multiple interactive ways, such as by linking them to various Play-to-Earn games and virtual worlds. 

According to Tan-Abing, these NFTs can, for example, give owners access to private concerts from their rockstars just by owning one of their NFTs.

Tan-Abing was also behind Anotoys Collectibles, which sells pop culture collectibles. 

As of writing, Anotoys Collectiverse has local celebrity-approved digital collectibles. Among the celebrities who approved the collectibles are comedian Michael V, musician Marc Abaya, and the family of influencers, Team Kramer.

The collectiverse will also be releasing NFT collectibles in partnership with the band Razorback. 

The tech company said this is just the beginning as they plan to open up their ecosystem to celebrities worldwide.