WATCH | Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?

August 8, 2017 - 9:46 AM
Sharing meals with the family, especially dinners can bring many benefits to children. Photo by Bernard Testa, InterAksyon.

Parents, especially mothers, are faced with challenges every day—work, traffic, household chores—that hinder them in spending quality time with their children. A study by Philippine Commission on Women states that more women are joining in the workforce (49.8% in 2012), and female-dominated households are growing (from 10% in 1970 to 21.2% in 2009).

After a day’s work, mothers would usually have to deal with the daily challenge of preparing dinner for the family, especially since shared dinners are often the working parents’ only opportunity to spend some quality time for the day with their kids.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, kids who get to share dinner with their parents are more confident, do better in school, and are less likely into substance addiction as adults. noted that having dinner together helps in developing one’s sense of togetherness as a family.


Dinner is about sharing hearty meals and conversations. Photo by Bernard Testa, InterAksyon.

“Dinner is a time to relax, recharge, laugh, tell stories, and catch up on the day’s ups and downs, while developing a sense of who we are as a family,” the organization stated.

When constrained with time, there are options like KFC’s newest family-friendly bucket dinner—the Colonel’s Bucket Meal. Good for four persons, the meal includes 8 pieces of original recipe chicken, fixins, rice, drinks and 4 junior sundaes. The price is Php695 and is available in select stores.

While planning dinners can be challenging, it is a good reminder for mothers that serving family meals is also all about making time-saving yet hearty choices.

Watch this video produced by InterAksyon and in partnership with KFC: