Case closed, eyes were open: Pinky Webb on what happened with Drilon interview

March 3, 2020 - 12:09 PM
Pinky Webb on CNN
A screengrab of news anchor Pinky Webb on CNN Philippines' "The Source." (Photo from Pinky Webb's official fanpage via Facebook)

News anchor Pinky Webb put an end to speculations that Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon reportedly fell asleep during their televised interview, contrary to what social media users claimed after watching a manipulated video online.

Webb responded to a question posed by a Twitter user who wondered what actually happened during her interview with the opposition senator on CNN Philippines’ “The Source” last week.

“As the video of your interview with Sen. Drilon went viral, once and for all, can you clarify if he really fell asleep? Also was he able to answer all your questions?” the question went.

To this, Webb responded, “Here’s what happened. As I was laying the premise for my question, I saw Sen. Drilon look down at the documents he had on the table. I did not see him fall asleep.”

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., who earlier defended Drilon, also welcomed Webb’s confirmation as he replied to her tweet, “There you go.”

Locsin previously tweeted that Drilon “talking in his sleep” makes more sense than “most officials wide awake.” Drilon used to be Locsin’s boss in a law firm.

In the controversial televised interview, Drilon was discussing the proposed joint resolutions he filed in Congress to extend ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

CNN Philippines posted the video of the interview on its website and YouTube page. Social media users, however, edited parts of it to make it appear as if Drilon fell asleep and even snored on-air. Later, rooster sounds were edited in.

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The original video, however, only showed the legislator briefly with his head down as he appeared to be reading something while Webb introduced his joint resolution.

Edited pictures of him supposedly sleeping at events then surfaced online. This was not the first time that Drilon became a target of malicious social media posts.