Grateful 94-year-old man sells pens near Intramuros for a living

January 29, 2019 - 11:47 AM
Old man selling pens
A 94-year-old man selling pens and other writing instruments was spotted by a Facebook user in Intramuros, Manila. (Facebook/Dudot Argente)

Social media users urged their friends to buy pens and other writing instruments from a 94-year-old man spotted near an entrance of Intramuros.

Facebook user Dudot Argente shared a picture of an unidentified old man he saw near an Intramuros entrance coming from the side of the Manila City Hall. The old man was selling assorted writing instruments.

He had a card that reads: “I’m 94 years old. Thank God he prolong my life.”

Argente noted that the pens are affordable and urged the public to buy from the old man in order to support his livelihood.

“May ballpen ka na, nakatulong ka pa at makikita mo ‘yung ngiti ni tatay,” he wrote in the caption.

Another user, Jai Pastrana, remarked in the comments section that the old man was not using his age to “beg for money or for someone to buy his goods.”

“He’s not using his age to beg for money or for someone to buy his goods but instead, to let anyone know that he’s thanking God for prolonging his life,” Pastrana said.

Many Filipinos who saw Argente’s post tagged their respective friends and invited them to support the old man.

There were others who called the attention of television magazine shows like “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” and “Rated K” through hashtags with the hopes to have the old man be featured. — Featured image from Dudot Argente via Facebook