The buzz on a popular food chain’s new iced coffee flavors

April 12, 2019 - 1:32 PM
Iced coffee
Coffee drink filled with ice. (Pixabay/Stock photo)

The new coffee variations of a popular fast food chain immediately gained buzz among coffee drinkers, particularly young people.

McDonald’s Philippines recently expanded its iced coffee options in which people can now have it in sweetened black and milky flavors.

Customers can also upgrade it to a larger size and add vanilla syrup for additional costs.

The development roused excitement among fans of the caffeinated drink who praised the expansion of its selections.

There were others, however, who had their own different opinions about it.

Previously, the fast food chain only offered two types of the beverage—premium roast and vanilla. Other selections can be ordered through its coffee house-style chain, McCafe.

Even before the release of new selections, the fast food giant has been getting praises for the quality of its coffee for a fraction of the price of most coffee shops.

Several media outlets have included it in their own lists of must-try caffeinated drinks in Manila, claiming that it is not a “bad replacement for the expensive brew” and a “tasty, refreshing cooler.”

The stimulant 

Coffee has become an essential drink in people’s everyday lives, particularly adults. In fact, some get headaches when they couldn’t have their fix.

It is a stimulant that releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for producing euphoric feelings commonly associated with “marijuana-like chemicals” that can control a person’s level of happiness.

Neuroscience professor Gary Wenk of Ohio State University stated how coffee can alter our bodies which leads to increased cravings. He said in an article on Psychology Today:

“When you first started drinking coffee, the arousal was all you wanted and also all that you got. Still, being more attentive and vigilant was all you needed to get through the day.”

“As you continued drinking coffee, your liver compensated for the additional chemicals in your diet by becoming more efficient at metabolizing the caffeine.”

“Your brain also made some adjustments. Ultimately, you needed more and more coffee each day to achieve the same level of arousal and vigilance.”

The different variations of how coffee is made—whether pure, sweetened or decaffeinated—is also a huge factor in why lots of people are keen on taking it. Since it caters to various taste buds, it gets to be consumed by almost everyone drawn to it.