‘How I feel’: McDo mascot’s pic in meeting with officials inspires witty captions

March 27, 2024 - 1:24 PM
McDonalds_Quezon City
Ronald McDonald, McDonald's primary mascot, sitting in a meeting with officials including Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte in this photo posted by the city government on Facebook on March 25, 2024 (QCGov/Facebook)

Many Filipinos found a picture of the McDonald’s mascot sitting in a meeting with officials relatable.

The Quezon City government on Monday shared that representatives of McDonald’s Philippines paid them a visit to talk about the initiatives it has been doing in the city.

The city government said that the fast food chain had expressed its support for its new calorie-labeling policy, which will require food establishments to publish the calorie count of food items on menus.

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Officials said the calorie-labeling initiative will help people make informed choices about their meals.

Data shows that many people get sick or pass away due to poor diet, with obesity leading to kidney and heart problems.

Meanwhile, those who attended the meeting of the fast food chain with the city government included QC Mayor Joy Belmonte, McDonald’s Philippines assistant vice president for corporate relations Adie Timbol-Hernandez, Education Affairs Unit Chief Maricris Veloso and Jai Sideco of the QC Health Department.

The city government posted snaps of the event on social media, where a particular photo gained traction on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

It featured Ronald McDonald, the clown character serving as the fast food chain’s primary mascot, sitting with other officials presenting to Belmonte.

“With all due respect, I cannot take this picture seriously,” online user @Petibichondria or Toby commented, resharing the photo.

Toby’s post has amassed 30,000 likes, 5,500 reposts and one million views so far, with some Filipinos sharing their amusement in the comments and quotes.

“How I feel whenever I’m in a [corporate] meeting,” a Pinoy wrote in response to Toby’s post.

“[This is] how I feel at work, being the youngest account manager and working [with] uber smart analytical [people] twice my age,” another user commented with a crying emoji.

“Kapag may team presentation at ‘yung isa ay personality hire,” commented another Pinoy in Toby’s post.

A personality hire refers to a person who creates a positive and vibrant working environment.

“Thesis groupmates [with] that one guy who uses ChaGPT,” another user commented on the picture, referring to the popular generative AI tool.

“Mee during meetings: pretending to understand what’s going on,” wrote a different Pinoy.

“Me na napunta sa groupings ng matatalino,” another user commented.

“Me being the only unserious one among my peers,” commented another Filipino.

Other pictures posted by the city government revealed that more McDonald’s mascots visited the LGU, namely Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie the Early Bird.

The fast food chain was a partner of Quezon City in the “Pride March” celebration last year, as well as its “Kababaihan Festival” on March 23.

McDonald’s was also a partner during the city’s 84th founding anniversary.

The fast food chain has 67 branches in Quezon City.