‘New favorite’: Fast food chain’s ChocNut drink delights Pinoys

April 5, 2024 - 6:11 PM
Zoomed picture of McDonald's Philippines ChocNut Series from its Facebook page on April 5, 2024 (McDo.ph/Facebook)

“New favorite.”

Filipinos shared their excitement after a fast food chain announced that its latest chilled offerings for the public this warm and dry season.

McDonald’s Philippines on Friday invited its patrons to “cool down” with its new ChocNut series available in its branches.

McDo’s ChocNut series consists of the ChocNut Sundae and the ChocNut Frappe, both of which are available for a limited time only.

The ChocNut Frappe is only available at McCafe branches.

McCafe is the fast food chain’s coffee-house-style food and beverage chain which offers caffeinated drinks and baked goods.

McDo_ChocNut Series
(Image from McDo.ph/Facebook)

The collaboration with the beloved local chocolate bar excited Filipinos who expressed their delight in the comments section.

“I’ll be putting that frap on my cravings list,” a Facebook user wrote.

“This is!! All are my favourites. Corn fires and chonut drink hahahahahahaha,” another user exclaimed, tagging a Facebook friend.

“Nako, may ChocNut Sundae na bagong paborito ni Astrid,” commented another Pinoy, also tagging a Facebook friend.

“Wow, yummy,” wrote a different user.

ChocNut is a local chocolate bar that consists of peanuts, sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder and vanilla. It has endured as one of the country’s most-consumed snacks throughout decades.

It is known for its distinct powdery texture that crumbles when handled and easily melts in one’s mouth.