J&T Express warns public on uploading ‘malicious posts and resolved cases’ but deletes statement after backlash

June 26, 2020 - 6:51 PM
J&T Express courier man
This photo release shows a delivery staff of local courier J&T Express carrying package. (Handout photo via J&T Express)

Local courier J&T Express on Friday released an online statement warning the public against uploading of “malicious posts” and “resolved cases” online as it compromises the welfare of its employees.

However, the courier deleted the statement following fresh backlash.

The company in a now-deleted Facebook post stated that it will take necessary legal actions against online users who will continue to upload such posts which they said compromises its employees and their respective families.

“We are monitoring all platforms available and will take necessary actions legally. We highly encourage the public to practice their freedom of speech responsibly, and with the right thinking,” the courier said.

“We have our hotline and social media accounts working ’round the clock, so that we can attend to all your concerns immediately. We hope for your consideration and understanding,” it added.

The statement might have been deleted on its accounts but news outlets, as well as online users, managed to report or take a screengrab of it.

The Philippine STAR featured its statement on Facebook and credited the courier for the photo.

J&T Express Philippines, the courier company which received online backlash recently, has advised the public that they…

Posted by Philippine Star on Thursday, June 25, 2020


CNN Philippines also reshared the statement on its own page but since it was deleted, the post is currently no longer available on the news outlet’s account.

An online user was able to take a screenshot of CNN Philippines’ post which he captioned in response to the courier:

“‘Manning up’ does not mean being firm and taking legal action against everybody else but taking responsibility and assuring your customers that this will not happen again.”

“Manning up” does not mean being firm and taking legal action against everybody else but taking responsibility and assuring your customers that this will not happen again.

Posted by Odette Repil on Friday, June 26, 2020


The statement also made its way to the trending list of topics in Reddit Philippines, where some online users expressed their dismay over its tone.

“I get their frustration, but this isn’t the right approach. You just end up digging your hole a little deeper,” an online user wrote.

“parang gobyerno lang hehe di kayang tumanggap ng kritisismo mga pisti,” another Reddit user commented.

Similar remarks were seen on Facebook, particularly under the comments section wherein The STAR featured the local courier’s statement.

“Sows, nung nagsilutangan kapalpakan sabay threat ng legal action? Don’t worry ibboycott namin kayo lalo,” wrote a Facebook user.

“Nanakot pa ang mga loko, di na lang nag-sorry sa public mga bwisit,” commented another online user.

“Kapal nito.. dapat nga kasuhan kayo ng libo libong customers ng damages.. wag kyo arogante at mag public apology nalang. People deserve to know what happened to their parcels,” wrote another Filipino.

J&T Express was called out online earlier this week after a video showing its staff throwing some packages into a truck without precaution went viral.

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The courier service released a statement and took responsibility for the incident, saying that it was an “isolated case.”

It added that all of its facilities, including branches and warehouses across the country, are under strict monitoring.

The company also said that it has identified all of the personnel involved in the video and assured the public they will be properly sanctioned following the incident.

J&T Express is among the local couriers that offer affordable deliveries. It has over 400 branches nationwide.

The demand for delivery services rose after the government imposed community quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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