Two fans, one stand: How some Filipinos are dealing with Luzon’s high heat index

May 21, 2021 - 12:39 PM
Image by @crj7982 via Unsplash

As the heat continues to prevail in several parts of the country, some Filipinos thought of creative ways on how they could survive the humidity that the weather brings.

A Reddit user on Thursday shared a picture of electric fan heads attached to a single stand with the caption: “No. 3 ta’s nakatutok pa sa’yo sa sobrang init.”

Usually, a stand fan stand only holds a singular head. In this case, two fan heads were customized to be placed in a single stand.

No. 3 tas nakatutok pa sayo sa sobrang init from Philippines

The post amused Filipinos, entering local Reddit’s trending list on Friday morning.

Others suggested ways on how the customized fan could be further utilized to potentially get the most optimum results possible.

“Keep it at #1. Kung kaya niyong magawa ng paraan mag-introduce ng mist (parang spray ng tubig na butil- butil) system sa harap ng fan, solved ‘yung init problem mo,” a Reddit user commented.

“‘Di ko alam ‘yung science behind it pero naglalagay ‘yung papa ko ng palangganang may malamig na tubig sa likod ng fan. Tapos parang aircon sa lamig ‘yung hangin. Solid,” shared another online user.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page dedicated to a pet dog suggested placing ice near the electric fan to avoid pets from heatstroke.

Another rabbit owner suggested the same for his fellow pet owners.

“Mainit na panahon, iwasan ang heat stroke sa mga alaga. Masakit mamatayan ng alaga lalo kung breeder age na. Sa simpleng paalala, nakatulong ka,” the Facebook user said.

Last week, some Filipinos referenced the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series by likening the Philippines to the “Fire Nation” due to the high heat index.

The “Fire Nation” is a fictional location in the animated series sitting along the equator. It is also an archipelago filled with volcanic islands, much like the Philippines’ geographical features.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said that the highest heat index recorded in the country this year so far is 53 degrees Celsius at Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

A heat index is considered on “danger” level if it registers from 41 to 54 degrees Celsius.

PAGASA warns that a danger-level heat index means heat cramps and heat exhaustion are likely to be experienced. Heatstroke is also probable with continued activity, especially under the sun.

To keep safe from such effects, the state weather bureau advised the public to remain indoors at all times, wear lightweight clothing, regularly drink water and avoid eating foods high in protein as it can increase metabolic heat.

The Philippines is currently on its hot dry season which is from March to May.

The rainy season, meanwhile, is from June to November.