‘Katol’ holder on shopping app goes viral for fancy chic design

May 25, 2021 - 11:11 AM
Katol holder
Mosquito coil holders being sold in Lazada by ECHIOCEST shop. (Screengrab from Lazada by Interaksyon)

(Updated May 25, 12:03 p.m.) “Katol” but make it eleganza.

A mosquito coil holder being sold in a popular e-commerce platform caught the attention of “katol”-using Filipinos for its chic and elegant design.

Facebook user Angelie Apart on Saturday uploaded a screengrab of a Twitter post by user @captn_flyboy that featured the mosquito coil holder with the caption: “May iPhone ka nga, wala ka namang (sparkles emoji) elegant katol holder (sparkles emoji).”

The post has gone viral with more than 65,000 likes and almost 10,000 retweets on the microblogging platform.

It further gained traction when Angelie shared the post on Facebook.

“Pakisinde nga ng (sparkles emoji) cattoulle (sparkles emoji),” a different Facebook user quipped in the comments section.

“(Redacted) I feel like this is something (you) would buy HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA,” another online user wrote, tagging a Facebook friend.

There were others who seriously considered getting the item.

“Tama din naman para hindi na aapakan ang katol kapag nasa stand lang,” a Facebook user wrote with an emoji of the “hundred points” emoji.


Someone also admitted to having previously bought the product.

“Haha I have this at home, grabe lakas maka-burgis hahahahaahahaa,” she wrote.

A mosquito coil is an incense-like material that emits substances that can repel mosquitoes when lighted up.

It is usually placed in a stand that comes with the item at a horizontal angle.

Some can opt to buy separate mosquito coil holders which are creatively designed, such as the one seen on Lazada.

In the product featured by Angelie, the mosquito coil is supported vertically. It has a ring on top that can be used for hanging against walls or holding it by hand.

According to a product description, one can “avoid the ash” and “keep safe and hygienic” with the item.

The mosquito coil holder is also secured with four non-slip pads to supposedly avoid it from toppling over.

Mosquitoes are common in the Philippines, which has a tropical environment. They are also potential bringers of the dengue virus, a flu-like illness that can be lethal to humans if left untreated.

These insects can be repelled in one’s area by lighting up mosquito coils specifically formulated to deter them from biting.