Local ice cream shop’s ‘Pride pops’ earn praises from Reddit forum for LGBT community

June 7, 2021 - 7:11 PM
Photo of Pride Pops from Ian Carandang via Twitter (Ian Carandang/Twitter)

A local ice cream parlor shop that creates homemade ice pops in the colors of the Pride flags earned buzz in a large forum community on Reddit.

The owner of the shop named Ian Carandang posted on r/LGBT, a safe space for LGBT discussions with over 750,000 members, on June 2. It has since earned more than 12,700 upvotes on the platform.

In the post, Carandang shared that his shop called Sebastian’s Ice Cream sells ice cream pops inspired by the colors of the Pride flags called Pride Pops for the annual Pride March in June.

He first introduced Pride Pops in 2016 and has since became a staple every Pride Month.

“I run an Ice Cream shop in Manila and every year for Pride March I make Pride Pops, layered ice pops in the colors of the Pride Flags, every color a different flavor. The varieties are Rainbow Pride, Bear Pride, and this year, the newest addition is a Trans Pride pop. Proud of how they turned out,” he said.

This post was also re-posted on r/Philippines, which also gained over 1,800 upvotes.

Carandang also posted it on his Twitter account.

Redditors in the r/LGBT forum praised the owner and inquired if they could have them delivered in the United States.

“They look mad tasty,” one Reddit user said.

“I wanna taste the rainbow!” another user wrote.

In a post on the shop’s Facebook page, descriptions of the various fruits and flavors of each LGBT-inspired dessert were also provided.

“Once a Metro Manila Pride March exclusive, these Ice Pops are now available for ordering and pick-up at our online store in the flavors of RAINBOW PRIDE, BEAR PRIDE, and debuting this year: transgender pride! Every layer is a different flavor! Ice Cold and Refreshing! Let your true colors fly this Pride Month!” it said.

“To order, go to https://sebastiansicecream.com/sebastians-ice-pops/ for delivery and pick-up!” it added.

Aside from these tasty popsicles, Sebastian’s Ice Cream also offers other ice cream products and desserts such as cookie doughs, ice cream cakes, slices of leche flan torte and ice cream pies.