No more disposables in Quezon City hotels, restos for dine-in purposes starting July 1

June 30, 2021 - 5:17 PM
disposable spoons
Image by Dennis from Pixabay

Hotels and restaurants in Quezon City will no longer be allowed to distribute single-use plastics for dine-in transactions starting July 1, according to an environmental organization.

Greenpeace Philippines reminded the public about this policy on Tuesday.

“Starting July 1, hotels and restaurants (such as Jollibee and McDonald’s) in Quezon City are no longer allowed to distribute disposables for dine-in purposes,” Greenpeace said.

The organization cited the Quezon City government‘s previous announcement that introduced this policy.

Last March, it implemented a city-wide ban on plastic bags only.

Then, starting on July 1, all disposable and single-use plastics in hotels and restaurants will be banned. However, this policy only covers dine-in transactions.


This city-wide prohibition on these materials is in accordance with Quezon City Ordinance 2868-2019.

“Restaurants and hotels are prohibited from distributing single-use plastic/disposable materials such as but not limited to plastic spoon and fork, knives, plastic/paper cups, plates, plastic/paper straws, coffee stirrers, and other single use plastic/disposable materials and Styrofoam,” a section of the ordinance reads.

Hotels are also prohibited to distribute “soap, shampoo, shower gels, liquid soap, conditioners and other items used for hygienic purposes in sachets and single-use containers.”

Moreover, any restaurant or hotel that commits these prohibited acts will be penalized with a fine between P1,000 and P5,000. The establishment could also face revocation of the business permit and issuance of a closure order.

“The City Legal Department shall take appropriate action against violators upon the recommendation of the Business Permits and Licensing Department (BPLD) for non-compliance to the closure order,” it read.