#SmartBTS campaign snags ‘Best Use of Video’ in Twitter’s ‘Best of Tweets 2021’

December 24, 2021 - 5:02 PM
Group photo of South Korean group BTS and their collaboration with Smart. (Released)

The campaign of Korean group BTS and telecommunications company Smart was hailed as the “Best Use of Video” on Twitter in Southeast Asia this year.

Smart posted this recognition on its social media channels on December 17.

“Our #SmartBTS campaign has won the Best Use of Video in SEA Twitter award. Let’s all continue pursuing our passions and purpose together. Borahae! (green and purple emojis)” the tweet read.

This commercial was part of BTS’s collaboration with Smart Prepaid’s “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose” campaign in the Philippines last January.

The two-minute video was released on YouTube last April. It has since racked up 11 million views on the platform.

It also featured the Grammy nominees walking and strutting along an ever-changing setup to their hit singles “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite.”

A few months later, the telecommunication firm announced a Special Edition Kit for fans collectively called Adorable Representatives M.C. for Youth or ARMY.

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In its website, Twitter said that it picked the advertisement as the “Best Use of Video” because of the “massive conversations” it generated with “a 98% positive sentiment.”

“The center of the campaign was a video series that features a catchy, upbeat remix of lyrics from BTS hit tracks, mashed with Smart’s core values and messages of passion and purpose,” Twitter said.

“Fans were also granted exclusive behind-the-scenes content, delivered through a clever combination of Twitter ad solutions,” it added.

The company also pointed out the relevance and timing of the advertisement’s release in the country, that is, amid the surging COVID-19 infections and tough lockdowns.

“Filipinos were feeling  weighed down by uncertainties and pandemic anxiety, so Philippines’ telco giant Smart  Communications decided to spread positivity by encouraging people to pursue their  passions and purpose. To do this, Smart sought the help of global superstars BTS,” Twitter said.

Jane Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business of Smart, said the firm is honored by this recognition.

“We are honored by this recognition, which shows the great lengths we go to just to enable our subscribers to pursue their passions with purpose. Our campaign with BTS really came at a perfect time, and we’re thrilled that both Smart and BTS share the same positive values and hopeful aspirations that resonate with many Filipinos,” Basas said.

“Awards like this inspire us to keep delighting our beloved subscribers with amazing experiences on top of providing them with cutting-edge technology made simple by Smart,” she added.

The “Best of Tweets” is Twitter’s annual roundup of brands that trended and left a lasting impression among users in Southeast Asia because of their innovation and creativity.

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