Running out of pink clothes: Pipay, Robredo share same outfit woe as elections near

April 21, 2022 - 8:02 PM
Composite photo of Vice President Leni Robredo and Pipay Kipay in pink outfits (Facebook, Twitter/Leni Robredo, Pipay Kipay)

Content creator Pipay told her followers that she is running out of clothes to wear for campaign events.

In a tweet on Thursday, April 21, Pipay tagged Vice President Leni Robredo to tell her this concern in jest.

She is one of the social media personalities who is actively campaigning for Robredo’s presidential bid in the May elections.

Pipay also attached two photos of herself wearing a pink dress on her tweet.

“Wala na kong outfit Madam @lenirobredo. Manalo ka na please,” she said.

Robredo immediately noticed this. She agreed with Pipay in the reply section.

“Haha. Same same,” the vice president said with a face throwing a kiss emojis.

This brief interaction immediately caught the attention of their followers.

As of writing, her tweet received 1,235 retweets, 401 quote-retweets and 30,400 likes.

Some users expressed the same concern of running out of pink clothes to support her.

“Ma’am hirap pong daily pink ang corporate attire for men. Hehehehe. Literal na Wash and Wear ng PINK shirt for Leni,” one Twitter user said.

Others found the vice president’s response cute and friendly.

“Sounds like our typical barkada,” one user tweeted.

In response, Pipay quote-retweeted the vice president and quipped: “Pwede nyo na ko ibalot sa sako.”

Pink is the official campaign color of Robredo and her running mate Sen. Kiko Pangilinan for the national polls.

In a press conference following her filing of candidacy in October 2021, Robredo explained that her team chose this color because it was recently tagged as a color of activism.

“‘Yung pink ngayon ay siya ang lumalabas na global symbol of protest and activism. Hindi namin naplano ‘yung kulay kasi alam niyo naman gaano ka-belated ang aming decision. Ito ‘yung color ng groundswell ng volunteers,” she was quoted as saying.

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Pipay, meanwhile, rose to fame for her witty video clips in 2020 that were perceived to throw shade at the national government’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

She later on used her growing platform to voice out her views, still via witty and creative videos, on politics and other social issues.

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