Filipinos share memes to cope with anxiety on elections day

May 9, 2022 - 7:03 PM
Art by Rhovin Luke Maglaqui

Various memes flooded social media as citizens flock to polling precincts on Monday to elect the country’s next leaders. 

As Filipinos await the closing of elections and the canvassing of votes, some anxious social media users turned to memes to poke fun at the situation. 

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Nearly three years into the pandemic and with schools gradually reopening, some users posted memes which likened the elections to in-campus gatherings and voters as students.

Facebook user Jayson Magsigay II shared a photo and said: “After 2 years magpeperform na din ang group 1.”

After 2 years mag peperform na din ang group 1.

Posted by Jayson Magsigay II on Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sa sobrang tagal binalik ng F2F classes, lumaki na ‘yung mga Grade 3,” a Facebook page captioned.

On the other hand, a Reddit user on the r/Philippines subreddit posted a meme and had the text: “First day of face to face class. Sa sobrang tagal ng online class, nagka-anak na ‘yung isa kong classmate.”

Meanwhile, some Twitter users shared that election-related memes have helped them cope with the nervousness and anxiety brought by the 2022 polls. 

Mental health groups earlier shared tips on how people could deal with stress and anxiety brought by the elections. 

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Over 65 million Filipinos are expected to cast their vote today, 56% of which, or nearly 37 million, are aged 18 to 41. —Rhovin Luke Maglaqui