New ‘Rosas’ dance remix heard in Ortigas bar

May 26, 2022 - 5:40 PM
Nica del Rosario Rosas
Nica del Rosario is the singer-songwriter of "Rosas," a memorable campaign song written from the perspective of Vice President Leni Robredo. (Interaksyon artwork)

A dance remix of a 2022 presidential campaign song was heard being played in a bar at Ortigas in Pasig City.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Monday at r/Philippines, a subreddit in the discussion website dedicated to Filipinos and anything about the country.

The post has earned 10 “helpful” awards, seven “wholesome” awards and 12 “silver” awards from Reddit users.

It has also been upvoted at 98%.

A local news website previously uploaded it on Facebook where it gained 57,000 likes and “love” reactions and 2,600 comments.

The video has also been viewed almost 500,000 times.

“Remix of ‘Rosas’ at a famous bar in Ortigas, played, VP Leni Robredo’s supporters were shocked and danced and shouted in delight,” its caption said.

Some Redditors claimed the remix is called the “Brian Cua Dance Remix” of the popular campaign song.

At some point in the video, the crowd chanted Vice President Leni Robredo‘s name. Others also flashed the “L” hand gesture.

Jeff Crisostomo, provincial information officer of the Dinagat Islands, claimed that the incident happened at O Bar, a nightlife spot that hosts drag shows.

Other Reddit users also claimed to have shared the experience.

“Went to both clubs recently and they always chant ‘ang presidente…’ in between sets,” a Redditor commented, referring to O Bar and Nectar, another bar.

“Leni chants in bars in Bora this weekend was really nice,” another online user claimed, referring to Boracay, a popular tourist destination.

“I was in Baguio last weekend. Nag-pub kami ng friends ko sa Here X. This song was not played pero 95% ng crowd were chanting Leni-Kiko everytime may upbeat na songs,” a different Redditor wrote.

Rosas” is an anthem of the presidential campaign of Robredo who ran with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan as her vice president.

It was sung by Nica del Rosario and Gab Pangilinan, the lawmaker’s niece.

The artists recently released another version of it with a new verse and pre-chorus.

The song was written from Robredo’s perspective and is about committing to making Filipinos proud of their country.

Its title is inspired by her campaign color, which is pink.