‘Ibang level na kayo’: Chel Diokno congratulates Macoy, Sassa Gurl, Pipay for ‘comedy royalty’ magazine cover

June 28, 2022 - 5:05 PM
Macoy Sassa Pipay_Esquire
Zoomed-in cover photo of Esquire Philippines' June 2022 issue featuring Macoy Dubs, Sassa Gurl and Pipay Kipay. (Photos by Alan Segui via Facebook/EsquirePH)

Veteran rights lawyer Chel Diokno congratulated Macoy Dubs, Sassa Gurl and Pipay Kipay for landing on the cover of a digital lifestyle magazine’s June 2022 issue.

The former senatorial bet quote tweeted Esquire Philippines‘ post on Monday where it promoted its cover story featuring the three comedic social media influencers.

“Congratulations, @pipaykipayy, Macoy, and @Itssassagurl! Ibang level na kayo. So proud of you! Hope to see you all again soon,” Diokno wrote on Tuesday.

His tweet has earned over 6,100 likes as of this writing.

Sassa Gurl and Pipay supported Diokno’s 2022 senatorial bid, while Macoy Dubs featured the lawyer on his Facebook page last April where he acted as Diokno’s “driver.”

Macoy was among the guests of the lawyer’s “Quarantine University’s Youth Day Celebration” video in 2020 to commemorate the International Youth Day.

Meanwhile, Esquire on its cover referred to the social media influencers as “the new comedy royalty.”

“In our June cover story, we put the spotlight on a new generation of comedy royalty whose kingdoms are virtual and whose subjects are loyal and legion,” the magazine said on a Facebook post.

“Get to know Macoy Dubs who thought his career lay in academia, Sassa Gurl who worked as a call center agent and freelance fashion stylist and uploaded funny videos on TikTok during her free time, and Pipay Kipay who experienced bullying growing up and gained her unbreakable confidence while riding in a jeepney,” the copy added.

The feature said that while there are several content creators with comedic chops, the three “deserve recognition for representing a pioneering generation of comedians that did not need the backing of the traditional local entertainment system to get their material out there.”

“Organically they’ve acquired a significant following, enough to make them legitimate celebrities and stars in their own right. They’re the new kings and queens of comedy, relying not on a team of writers and producers but on their own life experiences and razor-sharp wit to tell humorous stories, many of which reflect the universal Filipino condition,” it added.

Separate feature stories are dedicated to each one of the influencers, with a link inside the cover story.

Macoy talked about “new wave comedians, his best laughs, and cancel culture.”

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For Sassa Gurl, she talked about “her definition of beauty, comedic inspirations, and that billboard on EDSA.”

Pipay, meanwhile, talked about “being bullied, being famous, and being hated.”

Earlier this month, another magazine cover gained viral status for featuring Sassa Gurl, Mimiyuuh and Awra Briguela in its June issue.

The content creators amplified the call to awareness of LGBTQIA+ concerns in their cover story.

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June marks the celebration of Pride Month, which is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and uplifting their voices.

It was inspired by the June 1969 Stonewall Uprising in the United States which sparked the country’s queer liberation movement.