Towel couture? Viñas Deluxe gets online rave for entrance look at ‘Drag Race PH’

August 19, 2022 - 5:48 PM
Viñas Deluxe wearing a Philippine-inspired outfit from "mother" Candy Kostyum (Twitter/Viñas Deluxe)

A drag queen caught online buzz for her “towel” entrance scene during the premiere of the reality series “Drag Race Philippines.”

While the rest of the contestants wore colorful outfits, Viñas Deluxe entered the room with just a towel that was wrapped on her head and another around her body.

“Drag Race Philippines” released a video clip of her entrance on Twitter on August 17.

“Sis just gave us the towel! (crown emoji) Welcome to Season 1, @vinasdeluxe!” the tweet reads.

In the video, Viñas introduced herself as a drag queen from San Jose del Monte in Bulacan in a jubilant manner.

The much-anticipated Philippine edition of the American reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” aired its first two episodes last Wednesday.

Following the premiere, the show’s Twitter page released video clips of each contestant’s distinct solo entrance look to the workroom.

In this segment, each queen are given a solo moment where they will flaunt their look while introducing themselves to the other queens.

The tweet that showed Viñas’ towel ensemble received the most attention. It garnered 1,305 retweets, 1,204 quote-retweets and 9,863 so far.

Viewers found the use of towels in her outfit hilarious and memorable.

“Dinaan sa twalya ni Vakla! Hahahaha,” one online user said.

“The Towel Couture. Tawa kame ng tawa ng kapatid ko hahahaha,” another tweeted.

Viñas was also noticed by Kyne or Kyne Santos, a drag queen who competed in Canada’s first drag race.

Kyne was born in Manila and grew up in Ontario, Canada.

“INSTANT classic ito,” she said with prayer emojis.

Bernardo Sim, a writer-editor for LGBTQ magazine called “Out Magazine,” also reacted to the 25-year-old’s choice of attire.

“Given how many queer kids ‘do drag’ for the first time using towels as ‘dresses’ and ‘wigs’ – this is pretty iconic, me thinks,” Sim tweeted.

Some online users described Viñas as an “icon.”

“Oh, so she’s an icon,” one Twitter user said.

“ICONIC! Baklang bakla talaga ang entrance. Childhood memories, kaya nila knows talaga dito na beks ang junakis,” another tweeted.

Some also said that Viñas instantly became one of their bets to win the competition.

“The moment I became a Viñas stan,” one user said.

Twelve drag queens will compete against one another for the title of the first “Drag Race Superstar from the Philippines.”

The names of the 12 drag queens are as follows:

  • Bridging
  • Corazon
  • Eva Le Queen
  • Gigi Era
  • Lady Morgana
  • Marina Summers
  • Minty Fresh
  • Precious Paula Nicole
  • Prince
  • Turing
  • Viñas Deluxe
  • Xilhouete

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Viewers can catch new episodes of season 1 every Wednesday on discovery+, HBO GO, and WOW Presents Plus.

The spin-off and after-show “Drag Race Philippines: Untucked” will air every Friday. The first episode will be released on August 19.