Barbie Forteza’s monologue in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ about clergy gains buzz

November 3, 2022 - 7:56 PM
Barbie Forteza_Klay
Barbie Forteza as Klay in this 22nd episode of GMA Network's "Maria Clara at Ibarra" (Screengrab by Interaksyon from GMA Network app/Maria Clara at Ibarra)

A monologue of “Maria Clara at Ibarra” actress Barbie Forteza in one of the episodes of the hit historical portal fantasy series resonated among Pinoys in a predominantly Catholic country.

In the 22nd episode of the Kapuso drama, Barbie’s character, Klay, visits the church to initially look for Padre Salvi (played by Juancho Triviño) but finds out he is not available.

This happens after Sisa (played by Andrea Torres) gets freed from the custody of the alferez.

Sisa is a character from Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere” who went insane after her sacristan sons, Crispin and Basilio, went missing.

Barbie’s character, after encountering Sisa, goes to the church with the intention to help the latter look for her sons.

Noting the friar’s absence, Klay decides to talk to the Lord instead.

“Nakikinig ka ba sa mga dasal nila?” she says, referring to the townspeople like Sisa.

Klay then questions why the Lord allows people like Sisa and her sons to suffer, but takes it back and then shifts tone.

“Alam kong lahat ng nangyayari sa bawat tao ay may dahilan at ikaw ‘yon. Pero puwede ba, ‘yung mga nagpapakilalang sugo mo dito, sabihan mo naman. They’re giving you a very bad name. Nakakagigil sila,” she says.

Her monologue captured viewers’ attention, with many saying the scene resonated with them.

A Reddit user shared a clip of the scene on the discussion website on Thursday and captioned it with the following:

“Para sa mga ‘religious’ na ‘di naman sinasabuhay mga pa-Bible quotes nila: ‘Yung mga nagpapakilalang sugo Mo, sabihan Mo naman. They’re giving You a very bad name.”

The post has been upvoted at 96% and has earned the nod of most Redditors in the comments section.

“Sums up most of my neighbors na matapobre. Twice a week kung sumamba pero lakas mang-badmouth,” a Pinoy wrote.

“When she said ‘They’re giving you a very bad name.’ I felt that,” another Reddit user said.

“Pet peeves right now: Mga banal na aso, santong kabayo na ultraconservative at ultranationalist na supporter pala ng impunity at corruption,” wrote a different Pinoy.

The Philippines is the only predominantly Catholic country in Southeast Asia.

Last April, a Vatican envoy said that the Philippines remained on top regarding the country with the most Catholic baptism in 2020.

Meanwhile, “Maria Clara at Ibarra” reimagines the world of Rizal’s Spanish-era novels with a modern twist.

It has a Generation Z point of view through Klay, its main character.

She is a nursing student who wakes up and finds herself in the world of “Noli Me Tangere” in 1887.

The series also stars Dennis Trillo as Crisostomo Ibarra, Julie Anne San Jose as Maria Clara, Tirso Cruz III as Padre Damaso and Rocco Nacino as Elias.

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